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Close Tax amnesty lawyers Paul and Philippe DioGuardi reveal the startling truth about tax amnesty in Canada and why a DioGuardi Tax Amnes…


Orlando Tax says:

Great Video…..Very cool!

iRyaan says:

I just posted this to the last video..

Income taxing was created to tax the profits of big business and corporations. It IS unconstitutional to tax labor (what are we slaves?!), it should only be applied to taxing the profits made through financial gains of sold products!

Sadly people these days are either too lazy or stupid (most likely both) to educate themselves. Rather they rely on the establishment to keep them informed, and trust them that they are telling you the truth.


jesus truth says:

This is bullshit, these legal gangsters want your money only. go to detaxcanada

jesus truth says:

This is bullshit, income tax is illegal and voluntary, don’t believe these gangsters

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