The TaxMan Is Watching

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Here is an interesting video on YouTube ..

* YouTube Description

What Canadians need to know and fear about the Canada Revenue Agency



napolianwas says:

no no its ok she got Tagi back

DarkImek says:


xkuassix says:


FinAeros says:

Maybe Tagi can get Kyle to sub in for her and just keep hitting 1 and 2 to keep the tax man at bay.

epsilonminus says:

this commercial makes me laugh every single time

Syncopaiua says:

Look out Tagi, horde!

lancasterII says:

Fear Irwin R. Schyster.

ferguskk says:

We shouldn’t have to pay f%$@$ income tax. The governments already have so much money from the oil and corporate tax to fix the necessities of our country!!!! People who work their ass to pay for everything in their life still get tax more than what they have deducted every pay check!!! Unreal and this is fucked up! I hate it!!!!

PPGAMrClean says:

Miranda Plant is a actor on the internet show called Pure Pwnage

PPGAMrClean says:

25 seconds thats Miranda Plant

PPGAMrClean says:

Tagi is in that commiciral

Dannath12341 says:

I know, I Lol’d

PPGAMrClean says:

me too 😀

ShuntThePirat says:

haha sup mrclean

FlukieLukie says:

Taxmaaaan.. World of warcraft is a feeeeeeeling

DrabTShirt says:

lol Tagi, win

Wisin8888 says:

Everytime I think of the CRA I think of
“1984,” thank god for these guys; I hate taxes!

atrickpay11 says:

Let’s abolish the CRA!

Arthirias says:

Ha ha! Government can suck it.

Optics233 says:

look its tagi from pure pwnage

DouglasEdward84 says:

The old guys looks jacked

jackiechan511 says:

If facing prosecution for tax evasion then hide all your assets, empty the bank accounts and flee to another country.

thebigmarkinator says:

Revenue canada is a criminal organization that works for internatoional bankers

Topazman12 says:

Great video. Government should stop stuffing their friends pocket with money there would be more money. The big 3 get bailout money, E Health is a scam yet people get pockets stuffed with money. Politicians asking for 25% raises. Having $90 million for security yet not enough money for road repairs. Not having electric cars. Going to 5 star restaurants and parties costing $100 a plate. Politicians work 8 yrs to get a pension. This is like UNDERGROUND economy. Corruption.

Topazman12 says:

If the Government would stop stuffing their friends’ pocket with money then there would be more money. Plus E Health scam is where their friends walk away with pocket full of money. Politicians asking for 25% raise while their workers are offered 1.5%. Working 8 years to get a pension. Corruption.

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