The Small Business Link Leak Project

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I have been trying to participate in spreading the “Link Leak Virus” around, but in my own unusual way.

I started off with The Pet Related Link Leak Project on my PetLvr blog.. and then did The Accounting And Bookkeeping And Income Tax Link Leak Project earlier on this blog .. so now I am looking deep into my and see what else I can leak .. and so, here it goes!

Here Are Some Small Business Related Blogs That HART Reads (from his Bloglines)

NOTE: Granted, there are many aspects of small business that could be included, like sales-specific and marketing, SEO and related blogging sites, self-help motivation and life sciences, computer and technolgy related, etc .. but I am only selecting blogs of a general nature, that covers most topics that small business owners today should be able to relate to. I am also ignoring business blogs from business blog networks (for now). So, if you are a small business and want some good reading … check out the following sites and add their RSS feeds to your feed reader! – Home-Based Business Articles

bBlog: The Sales, Marketing and Business Weblog

Biziki – For Pleasure, of Course

Business Opportunities Weblog

Increase Your Reach: Infuse Your Marketing With Technology

Manage Your Business – Flemming Business Services

PowerHomeBiz – Small & Home Business Blog

Small Business Resources and Tips

Some Assembly Required: The Business Development / Networking Blog

Successful and Oustanding Bloggers – A Community of Leaders

The Home Based Business Blog

The Small Business Blog

Small Office Herald

The Trump Blog

Challenge to other Small Office and Small Business Related Blogs that are reading this

The only way to “cure” yourself from the Link Leak Virus .. is to post a list of blogs that you are reading! Maybe between all of us, we can create some massive and huge small business directory with everybody’s links .. for the benefit of the readers (and us too!)

And, if you just want to post your favorite site in the comments here, I will create another post with the additional links and blog sites that you have recommended.

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