The Problem With Taking Holidays

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Time spent: Without Internet Access

GONE: Friday July 28, 2006 around 8pm
BACK: Friday August 4, 2006 around 4pm

Yes .. I really do get about 474.4285714238 emails every day – on average!

I will need a weekend to go through all of these emails .. most were caught by my Spamnix and filters and ended up in my JUNK folder … if you have emailed me and I have not yet responded by next Tuesday the 8th .. please resend!


* I am still on holidays ‘officially’ until and including August 7, 2006 .. while my wife is on holidays. I will not be answering any phone calls this weekend and will be out and about .. however, hopefully I can get back to a little blogging time late at night before I sleep ..

I missed having my computer and internet! *sniffles* // But .. oh – yeah! I was out at the beach! Got a great future tan! (hint: present = sunburn) .. I’ll put up some pictures on Tuesday and discuss a little later.

Hopefully, however .. I can get some blogging done .. in the evenings!

(update: ooops/ I said that. Guess I really miss my blogging times in the evenings, eh?)


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