The Power of Persuasion

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I have been using Telus as my Cell Phone carrier for almost three years now (see this post) and have not been happy. In fact, you could say that I have been happy to switch ~FINALLY over to our real phone network – Manitoba Telephone System (MTS Mobility). This has been going on for 6 months now. I have been talking about it. I have been hinting about it. I have complained everytime I talk to somebody on the Telus phone and ALSO hint about it.

I couldn’t wait to get me the new Palm Treo or, the Latest Blackberry cell phone …. SO WHAT HAPPENED?

This is the “Official” Story (And I’m sticking to it)…..

This is how the phone call went…

HART: Hi Honey! How does it sound on this brand new Palm Treo? I’m here at the Cell Phone Store
WIFE: You’re getting a new phone? We can’t afford a new phone
HART: But, WE aren’t buying a new phone.. I’M buying a new phone
WIFE: Well, I want a phone too
HART: But – you have a phone
WIFE: Yes, but I want a phone too
HART: sigh .. Okay.. Let me see what they’ve got

HART: I can get 2 Palm Treo’s for $299 – that’s a deal because they are regular $199 each
WIFE: $#%!%^@#$
HART: Eh? I couldn’t hear you. The Plan you asked? We have to have a minimum of $75 data service on each phone per month
WIFE: $#%!%^@#$
HART: sigh .. Okay.. Let me see what they’ve got

HART: I can get you a ‘free’ phone and sign you up with a Buddy system. Basically, we talk free between the two of us, and your plan costs me $10. per month
WIFE: That sounds good. Can you get a phone for $10 per month too?
HART: It doesn’t work that way. My phone can be $10 per month. Then yours won’t. Kapish?

HART: Listen. I want either a Blackberry or Treo. You want a phone? I’ll just get you a phone. What type of phone do you want? We both may as well get picture phones, right? So we can send each other pictures of ourselves during the day, because I miss you so?
WIFE: $#%!%^@#$
WIFE: We don’t need a picture phone. Picture phones are evil!

Then it happened

(then about 15 minutes of conversation that was all a blur that basically translated into reasons why I shouldn’t spend money on a phone or such an expensive monthly contract and we just renovated our main floor, and christmas is coming… but all I heard was … )
WIFE: Do you EVER want sex again?

Yup. The “Buddy Plan” and “Cheap Phones” it is…~

So – We now each have identical phones. I opted for the $19.00 camera phone with the display on the front of the phone (I don’t wear a watch) and 2 year contracts. I still got the valu-pack call display, extended voice mail and a few other goodies for each phone. My options are more costly, because she doesn’t require the extended voice mail options.

I immediately downloaded a few sounds … I currently have the default polyphonic ringer called “SAX” that came with the phone .. (very non-intrusive) – I set that for all people with call display. For non-call display or call-blocked calls or calls from my wife, I have the following theme as my Cell Phone Ringer … Neat, eh?

HART’s Cell Phone Ringer Selection

And – this is the phones we both have (although, it doesn’t say Sprint on them – there isn’t any branding on the front).

Samsung SPH-A740 – Dual Phones (One each for both HARTandYVONNE)


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