The New RC59 Forms are online now

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Ever since the CRA News release October 23, 2007 .. Fact Sheet: My Business Account – October 2007 .. there has been buzz about the new RC50 Business Consent Form and the T1013 Individual Consent Forms.

According to my tax software company .. the software should be integrated either tomorrow or by November 15, 2007. But, you can always download or print right from your browser over the CRA site …. RC59 and T1013

This Is How It Works


In the new consent forms, there is now a section where you can authorize your representative to go ahead and obtain information about your account online at Canada Revenue Agency website.

Don’t Worry Though … I’m not going to bother with this … it’s too friggin annoying!

* You see .. I have to have a repID account first, to give to you, if I am going to access your business account or personal account

* but to get the repID, I must have an ePass account

* But, that’s okay – because I registered when they first created this ePass mess back in 2005.

* But I didn’t get the CRA code – I need to reverify my ePass account, with secret password hints that I provided to CRA back in 2005.

* Don’t get me started on the next step!! And, I’m not going to tell you how stupid and redundant I think it is, but … whatever.

I think for now, anyway, I will just ask you to sign these forms .. and then I will drive down to Canada Revenue Agency and drop off this form. Then, when I need information, I will phone and prove that I am who I claim to be, and provide them with key information about business or personal information, including prior year income tax information, certain lines of income or deductions or taxes payable, and addresses, and many of the other questions that I seem to enjoy proving over and over again over the phone (but, takes 2 minutes to do that).

(Q) If I already have an ePass, and am already registered with Canada Revenue Agency .. why do I need a “repID”?

(A) Because the government claims it’s more efficient that way.

Although, it should be noted that you can just provide the “BN” or “business number” instead of this repID number. That number is easy to find – it’s the main part of my GST number that is on all of my invoices! Unfortunately, although my Business Number is already technically registered with the government .. I still have to register it, again, and associate it with my ePass account number, and then that business number is converted to a repID number and .. well, the merry-go-round goes round and round.

Ah …. Progress.


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