The Middle Name Meme

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I’ve been tagged by Julie Anne Bonner to do this meme for the PETLVR blog .. but, I thought it would be more appropriate to post it on the 1800HART blog.

RULES: You have to post these rules before you give the facts. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

If you didn’t know, I go by two names ..

* HART (1-800-HART) … This is what I want all my blog postings to identify me as the poster. I might use any of my 50 domains as the URL of my name, but I hope that when people see a comment from HART (1-800-HART) they know who HART is, and if I’m lucky .. will find their way back to this 1800HART site. Google shows 20,700 instances of this nickname.

* HARTLEY B SINGER .. that is how I present myself to clients and everywhere else, although ‘Hey You!’ and even ‘Dumbass’ works in case you want to get my attention~ Google only shows 146 instances of this in their searches, mainly because I really don’t want it to be too popular in the searches. Entries like these however, always add up into the search engines whenever I do ultimately mention my real name – so, I can’t help that!

My business name is based on my initials .. HBS Management Consultants .. I am not incorporated, although I do have a corporation and have been thinking about it for a long time now … and practically every venture that I am doing, is a division of HBS Management Consultants. I still feel a little uncomfortable giving out my middle name .. although I’m not using it as any reference or password hint or anything like that – so, I don’t see why I just don’t put my middle name out there.

Here we go:

B – I really don’t like giving out my middle name. When people used to ask me what my middle name was, I used to say .. “B” …. just an initial, with no name – or, as I went to University of Manitoba enrolled in the Batchelor of Commerce program, I would say my middle name is “B.Comm” .. however, I never actually would state that I was in the B. Comm program, but instead refer to it as .. HART who wanted to BECOME something eventually with my life.

R – I couldn’t really think of anything for R .. “RENT” .. (and not the movie). I have never lived in a rented apartment or rented any living quarters in my life – ever. I pretty much lived at home as long as I could, (free rent, but contributed with chores) or I owned my own house. In my 20’s, we had a family business and owned a building close to Downtown Winnipeg, and I was sleeping at the building so often, we just renovated one of the floors for a few rooms, kitchen and shower etc. I eventually bought a cheap house (repo from a client) and actually paid off the mortgage in 5 years, and enjoyed that – until I met my future wife. It was too small, and we eventually purchased and currently live in a Condominium Townhouse. I work out of my home. If I were to think of anything else for “R” .. it would have been RADIO – which, I used to listen to every night and can fall asleep almost immediately to (also, it helps mask the stress of thinking about work when trying to fall asleep).

E – I’ll just use this letter to attribute a link out to the OTHER Hartley Singer out there … HARTLEY E. SINGER. Grrrrr. I’ve got about 50+ domains registered, and this person had registered first! Here’s his BIO site .. he’s actually a musician too, although while I am a hobbyist musician playing keyboards, he is quite a professional guitarist .. check it out! I suppose since I’ve discovered this Hartley E Singer out there, I have wanted to use my full name as HARTLEY B. SINGER even more.

N – Hmm .. I dunno .. “NICE”? I think I am a nice guy, and everybody else thinks I am a nice guy and I have a lot of acquaintances who think I am a nice guy. The bottom line, is that I don’t hate anybody (except one person who tried to screw me professionally) and I don’t think anybody hates me or even has a grudge with me (except that same person who tried to screw me professionally).

T – “TRIP” .. I’ll describe the last letter of my middle name as something that has had great influence over social aspects of my life – the internet. I’ve been online since March 1995 with my own internet account in July 1995 and my own websites since early November 1995. In 1996 I went to London, UK and Sweden and met up with internet friends. I think, as a result of recouperating from my expensive trip .. it was a boost in me meeting a very nice girl online (a local internet friend) in March 1997 who eventually became my wife – Yvonne! Here’s a recap of my 1996 European Trip if interested, although I must say – it’s probably boring to you.


So there you have it .. did you figure out my middle name yet?

I guess that I have to ‘tag’ five people, which is the length of my middle name .. Julie looked at her MyBlogLog community list .. but, I will look to yesterday’s 2kblogger list – and at the first 5 on the list ..



Julie says:

Thanks for participating! I really like your name. Too bad about that other Hartley snagging that domain name first.

sognatrice says:

What a great idea for a tagging method! I was actually tagged for this a few days ago, so now I suppose I *must* do it.

Yes .. that’s right .. you *must* do it now 🙂 If you don’t answer it .. ten more tagging meme’s will come your way!

Take care! // HART

sognatrice says:

Strong-armed fear tactics always work. I’m on it, although I’m on blogging vacation right now, so you’ll have to wait a bit. I hope you can stand the suspense!

You are off the hook now 😀

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