The Living Trust Seminar – Inheritance Planning for You and Your Family in 2014 and Beyond

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An online seminar for California residents that outlines the various planning options available for estate planning, incapacity planning, and planning for the transfer of family wealth. The presentation discusses the effects of no planning, planning using a Will only, using beneficiary designations, using joint tenancy ownership, and the use of living trust planning. Discusses Probate in California, including the costs, time delays, and public nature.


sosoftail says:

Wondering if you can will or do a living trust for property that will go to a non family member and if living family can contest it.



Thomas Cirignano says:

Thank you Bob, for this very informative and well presented video!

Rebecca Patton says:

Thank you for respondimg, Bob. I'll do as you have suggested. Maybe you can answer a couple of general questions. Is there any info about a Pure Trust? We had a "trustmaker" suggest a Pure Trust for level one, then attach below tgat a Holding trust, & below that a Working or Financial trust (his terms). on the Pure Trust had a friend ad Creator, another friend of our choice as Exchanger Trustee, & himself as the other Trustee. our grown children are the beneficiaries. We are not named anywhere in the trust. (That caused us to feel alarmed.) He instructed us to assign the other trusts in to the trust above, & we are trustees on both of them. Does that ultimately give him control of all of our assets including bank accounts in the level 3 trust? We're very uneasy about the set-up because we don't understand the legalities of trusts & who owns them. I was hoping this was not a state-specific question that you might be able to answer. Thank you.

Rebecca Patton says:

This was very informative and answered several questions that I have not been able to find the answer anywhere else. Thank you, Bob. Wondering if you can help folks in other states besides CA with estate planning? Excellent!

Bob Bergman says:

If you wish to contact me with your estate planning question or to get more information about the legal services I offer, please feel free to use this link

Law Offices of Robert P Bergman says:

I am working on a new presentation on estate planning for retirement plan assets. I am currently offering this seminar in my office, and when it is refined, I will be posting an online version on my Youtube channel Robert P Bergman Law Offices. Consider subscribing to my channel so you can be informed when this new seminar is available.

Kenneth Vercammen Esq. Edison says:

I watched this video to help me update my book the ABA’s “Wills and Estate Administration” a book from the American Bar Association. My staff implemented many of Bob's ideas to improve our service to clients.

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Michael Jackson says:

fight for your country and fight for your castle

Thomas McBride says:

The phone number works! Thank you for the information Robert, good talking to you on the phone.

Law Offices of Robert P Bergman says:

WANT TO ENGAGE MY SERVICES TO DO YOUR ESTATE PLANNING?  I am able to assist you if you are a resident of California.

My office is in San Jose, and I have clients located in about a 70 miles radius.   If you are in another part of the State and wish to use me to draft your living trust based estate plan, it is possible to do that by consulting with me through WebEx.  We can conduct all meetings online or by telephone, I can provide drafts of documents, and then when everything is ready for signing, ship those documents to you with instructions on getting them executed properly.

If you are interested in consulting with me on living trust planning, please email me directly at with your request.  We can then set up a time for you to consult through WebEx or similar service.  Before our meeting, I would have you complete and return back to me a Consultation Packet of information so that we can have a meaningful meeting.   If you choose to engage my services, there would be further instructions on getting started.

My fees for first level (i.e. living trust) estate planning range from $4000 to $6500 for an individual, $5000 to $7500 for a married couple, and $6000 to $8500 for an unmarried couple (including registered domestic partners) who wish to coordinate planning.  Charges for preparation of deeds, etc. are extra.

Law Offices of Robert P Bergman says:

I have podcasts on various other estate planning topics at Robert P. Bergman Law Offices,

Winblad Law PLLC says:

Great video, for viewers in Oklahoma check out.

Geo Sandler says:

This is all invaluable information on trusts  and probate, for those leaving inheritance assets and liquid shares, and for those who will receive an inheritance in trust  or probate.  You have to have an experienced lawyer help you with a probate or a trust.  Don't ever try to go it alone!  Trust me! As this experienced  attorney says, probate takes a year to 2 years in CA due to budget cuts, but it takes 15-18 months in general or on average pretty much everywhere these days. This brings attention to a common problem  heirs of probates and beneficiaries of trusts frequently face – namely a very long wait to access their inheritance. So heirs or beneficiaries that don't want to wait a year or two  to get their inheritance have an option that is becoming quite popular. 

I'm referring to inheritance loans, probate loans or trust fund loans.   This is a secure, fast way to get an advance on an inheritance in probate or trust, usually 2 to 3 days after paperwork has been received by the inheritance loan firm.

 The trick is to identify a firm you feel comfortable with — there are several inheritance loan companies that provide trust inheritance loans and probate loans. Back in 2009, my wife and I inherited cash from her mom who passed away after a long illness — we searched online, on Google, for inheritance advance companies and identified three established inheritance loan firms we liked, who specialized in  inheritance advances for heirs of probates and trusts.  We liked the look and speed and safety of the probate loans and trust fund  cash  advances at —  and we liked their content.  We liked, and we liked the look of, and their free Probate Timeline.   All three offered inheritance loans without interest or monthly payments to deal with. Their inheritance loans had no up-front costs, and their terms were reasonable and fast.  Intestate didn't matter, and credit or employment status wasn't a major deal to worry about.  20+ years offering these inheritance loans indicated that we could trust they knew what they were doing, and they did.  We didn't know probate loans were so easy to deal with, and we never dreamed inheritance loans in California were so incredibly fast, 3 days is all it took for us.

Robert Bergman says:

For more information about estate planning topics, listen to my new radio show, "LAWBOB RADIO," on KFAX 1100 AM in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Also available on the iHeart Radio app, my show broadcasts from 10:30 am to 11:00 am on Saturday mornings.   Visit my show website at to download podcasts of my broadcasts, along with an interview I had with talk show host Craig Roberts, host of "Life!Line  " on KFAX.

Robert Bergman says:

You may download the Powerpoint Slides note pages for this presentation by using this link:

My free estate planning brochure, "California Consumer Guide to Wills, Living Trusts and Estate Planning" can be downloaded by using this link:

Law Offices of Robert P Bergman says:

This is attorney Robert Bergman.  I practice in San Jose, California.  For more information, please visit my website at

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