THE LATEST NEWS : IRS training video spoofs Star Trek

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IRS admits $60K ‘Star Trek’ spoof highly illogical…/irs-star-trek-parody/2011… – Traduzir esta página 2 dias atrás — IRS admits $60K ‘…


kinyodas says:

Considering the trillions being wasted, I’m not so angry after watching this; it was somewhat entertaining. Maybe they can recover the cost with YouTube advertising. Hell, maybe they should open a frequency, er… YouTube channel and make more.

Damndrrtyapes says:

As a Republican, I am angry at the waste of taxpayer money. As a Trekker, I am just appalled.

Zane Charles says:

Somewhere Gene Roddenberry is rolling in his grave!

Malik Miles says:

Don’t hate

gert frobe says:

I will check it out, thanks!

NotBuyinTheLyin says:

You haven’t watched the Gilligan’s Island training video yet, I take it?

gert frobe says:

This is the dumbest thing i have ever seen! I think I just lost 20 IQ points.

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