The GMAIL Experiment

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I’m Officially On Vacation

Yes .. I’m on vacation now, and away from my business – on my laptop. Thank goodness I have hi-speed internet access with my EVDO card!

I thought I would do a little experiment.

I have painfully over the years setup my Eudora home email program with about 300 folders, and filters galore .. and rely much on my Spamnix add-on to sort the almost 1200 emails I receive a day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that on my laptop – and I had two choices:

1) Copy my desktop Eudora on a flashcard and install it on my laptop
2) Recreate my filters, (maybe do it differently) and setup my spamnix on this computer.

I opted for Door #3.

I went in to all my accounts and have forwarded all emails to my GMAIL account. Normally, if you know me – I never use GMAIL account except for (a) google talk and (b) backups of my blogs every day. Well, I thought I would try forwarding all that spam into my gmail account and see how google treats my spam – without filters.

Personally – I don’t like google labels and don’t like the idea that I can’t sort by folder, but realistically – if you ever use a google product – the search pretty much helps you find what you are looking for if you even need to find it.

So – SPAM ON SUPER SPAM VILLAINS! … AT least, for the next 2 weeks … Let’s see how good GOOGLE MAIL IS!

It’s 11:07pm and I just deleted whatever spam I had previous in my Gmail account – and I will see how many emails come in to the main window and into the spam window starting .. RIGHT NOW! July 28, 2008!

PS: Back at work August 12th.


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