The Essential Individual Pension Plan Handbook

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Peter Merrick (BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI) .. President of Merrick Wealth Management, a boutique financial planning, employee and executive benefit consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario .. guest authored an entry here in the 1-800-HART Blog back in July 2005 called Individual Pension Plans – Upgrade Yourself.

He had informed me that the book on Individual Pension Plans that he has been working on for the last few years, has finally been published through Lexisnexis Canada has gone to the presses.

I thought I would post a ‘heads up’ and a summary about the book and hope it might spark some interest in his book sales 🙂 Please note that I have not read this book .. have this book .. or endorse this book .. and will not be receiving any commissions from any book sales there might be … nor is this a paid review of any kind about this book. I would, however, add that if the publisher wants to send me a signed autograph book for my own private library collection and reading enjoyment .. well .. I could say that it will find a really nice place on my bookshelf! *g* (but not necessary :D)

The Essential Individual Pension Plan Handbook


Author: Peter J. Merrick, BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI

Format: Softcover Book
Topic/Practice Areas: Tax & Accounting
Publication Date: March 2007
Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Country: Canada
Edition: 1st
Number of Pages: Approx. 256
ISBN: 9780433454007
Price: $65.00

Attract High-End Clients to Your Financial Consulting Business!

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) will become a major component of Canadian pensions practice as baby boomers approach retirement. IPPs offer the very best tax and retirement savings solution for individuals 40 years and older who have a T4 income over $105,600 and work for an incorporated business.

RRSP Upgrade!

Hundreds of thousands of additional tax-deferred income dollars can be invested into an IPP structure—far above the contribution limits of a traditional RRSP. Thanks to these advantages, experts predict that IPPs will create up to $6 billion in new annual revenue for financial firms, public accountants, financial advisors, and actuaries.

The Essential Individual Pension Plan Handbook provides the foundation you need to offer IPPs to affluent and semi-affluent clients nearing retirement. You’ll also learn how to pair IPPs with the most advanced tax solutions available today—giving you the edge over consultants who focus on outdated financial products that don’t meet clients’ long-term needs.

In this book you’ll discover:

* Why IPPs are the best retirement planning vehicle for business owners and senior executives
* How IPPs developed and the market forces behind their growing importance
* How to set up, maintain, and wind up an IPP
* How to meet the stringent compliance requirements of IPPs to avoid financial loss and personal liability
* Complementary solutions that help your clients save even more for retirement—including employee profit-sharing plans, retirement compensation arrangements, and life insurance

PLUS, The 21st Century Advisor’s IPP Concept Presentation Kit

Use these expert tools and insights to ensure your financial consulting practice thrives in today’s challenging marketplace:

* Criteria for identifying IPP candidates
* Actuarial calculations that reveal the savings and compound interest advantages of IPPs over RRSPs
* Answers to clients’ possible objections to IPPs
* Public speaking techniques for delivering effective IPP seminars

In-depth advice on marketing your practice through article writing, networking, and referrals

You can reach Peter Merrick by phone (416) 854-1776 or by email or visit his web site at .. tell him HART (1-800-HART) sent you!


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