The Do’s and Don’ts for Financial Planning | Dr. Sanjay Tolani

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Have you always wanted to educate your client and get them coming to you for insurance coverage rather than you doing your best to provide them the coverage?

Ranging from childhood planning to retirement planning, this invaluable playbook will show readers step by step how to plan their own financial road map from young till you retire. And if you follow closely to what is outline in this step, not only will you get better insurance coverage, you’ll definitely get a peace of mind

In this video, you will learn how to be a successful Future Financial Advisor by learning:

1) The 28000 Presentation

2) Understand the complete process on how to start out your meeting

3) Know the Strategies that are used by the Best Financial Advisors

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|Who is Dr Sanjay Tolani?|

Dr. Sanjay Tolani, became the “youngest member” at the age of 19 and the “youngest life member” at the Age of 28 to the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). He also has 12 Top of the Table Qualifications (TOT), which is considered the pinnacle of the financial services profession. To top things off, he is also the youngest Managing Director of an insurance brokerage in the Middle East.


Mahak Arora says:

Sir, Every people impressed this prerestion like business man

Apizx Rodriguez says:

Where can i get your books at Malaysia?. Thanks Dr 😊

Mohammed Ismail says:

I have been doing in all my presentations 28000 days response is good… But not closing a sale?

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