The Dark Money Of ‘Social Welfare’ Groups Is The REAL IRS Scandal

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“Rep. Darrell Issa’s latest oversight hearing into the Internal Revenue Service’s botched enforcement against tea party and other “social welfare” groups has revealed a dirty little secret:…


TheStoneSpiral says:

See this is why I would prefer the zombie apocalypse. Zombies are honest
about what they want.. which is to eat you.. but there’s no mistaking their
motives at the end of the day.

Jose Martinez says:

Whoops SCenk apparently the Obama Administration lost Lerner’s emails. You
should consult Captain Obvious on this one.You Suck.

ArtificialPenguins says:

A small donation/signature/piece of time goes a long way. As a citizen of
the United States, as a citizen of any territory on the face of the planet
you should be concerned with money in politics. Money in politics is the
one threat facing this generation.

Every other generation got an amendment passed to fix their current
government. What are you going to do to fix the completely flawed political

Whether you are left or right, a woman or man, this or that, you have a
duty to help us. What are you waiting for? This now, Netflix later.

StarveTheSystem says:

Hey..they got Capone through taxes. Are there any GOOD people in these
institutions?…(alphabet agencies..anyone…anyone?) or does no-one ever
want to do their actual JOBS..and investigate these crooks? You can report
on this crap until you are blue in the face Cenk, nothing is changing.

StoneThug Music says:

Republicans are A moral people

Skyfilly says:

Obama’s brother’s social welfare group funding Obama’s campaign from
terrorism. And asking folks who or what they pray to is not a valid
question. What are they paying you guys?

Mr-D-DiVine-1 says:

Unfortunately if politics was transparent ,the world wouldn’t be in this

Gale Innes says:

*Wow, that’s pretty enraging.*

Kelvin Faison says:
Randy Savage says:

Also if the IRS did nothing wrong then why did they come out willingly and
apologize and then within a few hours Obama makes emergency press
conference to condemn it and guarantee to get to te bottom of it while
behind te scenes stifling every inquiry into it by oversight committee, you
people are in complete denial.

Bankside1997 says:

This is tax fraud 101. Why haven’t they been prosecuted?

Joslyn Kylie says:

Cenk why do you trust the IRS to tell the truth? I don’t trust 99 percent
of the government

Jw4n9 says:

More proof that Republicans are more charitable is a myth

modelmajorpita says:

Hey, TYT finally got the fucking memo! Every time they said there wasn’t a
scandal when a conservative IRS agent directed tea party groups to his desk
to be rubber stamped for tax exempt status they didn’t qualify for I wanted
to scream. 

The2005rwb says:

“Dark” money?! That is extremely offensive, Cenk.

Jay Bird says:

Divide and conquer: Pay attention you brain-dead fools. There is no
Democratic Party. There is no Republican Party. They,(it), wants to draw a
line in the sand and watch as you fight amongst yourselves. It draws the
spotlight off of the real truth. Which is that there is no truth. Only
lies. Deception. Smoke and mirrors, and spin, and all things Orwellian. The
American electorate spends less time on remaining informed, than it spends
every day brushing it’s teeth. They are all together. Demo- -publicans and

C. mao says:

Investigate away Issa! The more they point their fingers at Obama, the more
they have 3 pointing back at themselves. As he told Romney once, “Please
proceed governor, please proceed”
It’s like an ‘Ali rope-a-dope’ he beats them without having to lift a
finger, because, they punch themselves out with their own dishonesty, and
Btw, Lawrence O’Donnell has been sounding the alert about this ‘very’ issue
for months, to any and all who would listen.
This is gonna bite the Tea Party right in the ass, and they did it to

KEPoles says:

Government for sale. 

Nate P says:

Lawrence O’Donnell broke this story when the “scandal” first occurred.

NubianTribesman says:

Social welfare groups shouldn’t be conservative or liberal.

Alex Mondschein says:

I think it’s more of a problem with the way the tax code’s written (props
to Cenk for dropping a cursory definition of what a 501 is. I’d be willing
to bet 3/4+ of the people wouldn’t even get close to an accurate definition
of a 501 on the spot.). The US code 501 defines the type of largely donor
based organizations that are tax-exempt. In a *sixty* *six* *page* document
about 501s when they get around to defining they give of “social
welfare” it’s remarkably flexible. Actually even contadictory… At the
beggining it says social welfare must be the objective of the organization,
but then after it excludes anything for profit, anything social, or
political lobbying, it modifies itself saying the organization can be
involved in politics, but political activity can’t be it’s primary

Here’s the thing, it’s almost all debatable. What is the primary objective
of Xorg and is Xorg promotin social welfare? Give me the name of any donor
funded organization and I’d be happy to give you two different, totally
acceptable, and contradictory answers. I’ll tell you what you want to hear,
and I can make it all fit. As long as the group’s not simply funneling
money into a campaign (which still, very hard to prove, even for the IRS,
when they’re dealing with people who know what they’re doing and have shell
companies, hide their money, and keep *teams* of tax attorneys on retainer)
you can stretch “social welfare” pretty damn far.

The question is, did the legislators do that on purpose? The answer is…

Assassin55555 says:

Further investigation by media outlets appeared to confirm this, revealing
that some liberal-leaning groups and the Occupy movement had also triggered
additional scrutiny, but not at nearly the same rate as conservative
groups.[3][4][5][6][7] The Republican majority on the House Oversight
Committee issued a report which concluded that although some liberal groups
were selected for additional review, the scrutiny that these groups
received did not amount to targeting when compared to the greater scrutiny
received by conservative groups. 83%, were right-leaning, while 10% were

Democrats have seized upon the notion that the IRS’s targeting was not
just limited to conservative applicants,” the report states. “These
Democratic claims are flat-out wrong and have no basis in any thorough
examination of the facts.

Frederic Simon says:

That’s a too great loophole not to be exploited. Anonymous donors!
The disaster here is that now when you really are a 501(c) you need to hire
an army of lawyers to protect you against a VERY suspicious IRS….

Chuffererd says:

How the dark money in politics is passed around under the eyes of the IRS.
Hope they expose NGO’s crimes in Canada, Europe, Africa and so on. What are
US NGO’s doing in Canada? Foreign political groups funding corporate
special interest. That other wise be illegal.

NGO’s were set up to ship emergency supplies to devastated areas and
bypass tax and import laws. (simple explanation.) Not to fund US corporate
interests in other countries governments.

Canada’s population can not stand up to the flood of corrupt cash infesting
the government at all levels. The population of Canada has the queen
working against it as well as US interests.

LibertarianCommonSense says:

And libertarian groups. You forgot one buddy. Lol looks like your doing
what you said you opposed

rudai123 says:

How can anyone, in any party, not think that the 501c4’s are political
only, and it’s a bad thing.

Randy Savage says:

Gee why don’t you think they followed up the investigations, because they
were bullshit. You can add all dark money an open contributions the right
makes it still looks like chump change compared to what democrats in 2012
spent. It’s been estimated by liberals and progressive turds that more than
2 billion dollars was spent helping Obama get elected. THAT is money in

Sotai says:

Why would we assume the IRS isn’t impotent against big moneyed interests?
The rest of the government is.

matthew mummert says:
Factualism4u2 says:

lol at Cenk getting upset because Fox News intentionally leaves out
important information… Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

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