The Authority Blogger SOBCon Contest – This Is My Entry

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What Is This Contest And Who Can Enter?

sobcon08_logo189x60-2.jpg Blog Catalog, SOBCon08, and Authority Blogger have come together and put forth a contest offer that I couldn’t refuse to enter, with a deadline of March 31, 2008.

* About The Prizes

1) $1000 budget to pay for SOBCon08 registration and travel expenses which also including various goodies
2) A hour of consulting with Chris Garrett, face-to-face if possible.
3) The complete Authority Blogger online course when it launches.
4) An introduction to all of the speakers at the event.

* How To Enter

1) Write a blog post explaining why you’re the best candidate to be the next Authority Blogger.
2) Have your post written by March 31st.
3) Leave a trackback to this post
4) Your post can include pictures, but should be no longer than 1000 words.

What Is An Authority Blogger? Who Is An Authority?

Good question. chrisg-authorityblogger.jpgChris Garrett from believes that an authority blogger will have the following qualities:

* have an open and friendly personality
* have some expertise, experience, knowledge or talent that is worth sharing
* be willing and have the skills to share this expertise and knowledge – get noticed – and build an audience

Maki from defines an authority as someone who has developed specialist knowledge and because of sharing this knowledge, has developed a reputation as an expert in the field. Jeff Quipp from defines an authority is someone or some entity who’s opinion(s) about specific topics are respected and valued by industry peers.

.. and that’s straight from the mouths of REAL authority bloggers!

Everybody in the world DEFINITELY has experience at .. something. Everybody else in the world has opinions on how you can share that knowledge with the rest of the world. Unlike our age and our health … time spent blogging PROVES that “Time Is NOT Our Enemy”, and both our experiences (and abilities to share our experiences) really do get better with age! That’s why blogging is so attractive these days. That’s why the ones you already perceive to be an authority – become even more of an authority over time.

Am I An Authority? Is HART An Authority Blogger?

Well, at least my dogs Maxxie and Sophie think I'm an authority in this household!I’m cannot be sure what people think of me. I know that I would like to think that when people see my caricature head or read my comments signed as either “PetLvr” or “HART (1-800-HART)” .. that my words are respected and believable. I use my caricature everywhere and am trying to brand this HART-Empire Network with my face. I want people that come to one of my sites – whether they know me or not – recognize the brand and “trust their HART” that the information will be accurate and helpful.

I truly want to help. I’m not the type of person that signs up in a forum just to leave my signature and links, and ask questions. I’m the type of guy that first browses all categories to see what my experience and knowledge can actually help a person in need, and respond to those asking for help. Everybody was a “newbie” once in their lives. I hope people over at .. and other Forums that I attend, perceive me to be a useful member of their community, and that I tend to go out of my way to chat and be friendly and offer my 2cents and help, if I could.

I Have Experience. I Have Expertise. I Have Skills

h-e-n-last-12-months.jpgI must be doing something right. In the past 12 months, I have been building up my network and starting to build a brand. My unique visitors have increased 6x’s and page views literally has increased by over 100,000 per month in March 2008!

My gross revenue for March 2008 will be approximately $1400 (February 2008 was almost $1100) and growing. Of course, I hope you are not naive to believe that I am actually seeing any of this money as I am bootstrapping the growth of this venture and just spending it all for dedicated server, content, writers, software, domain renewals, etc etc.

Why Liz Strauss Straus Thinks HART Should Win This Contest

* Liz Strauss Called HART an S.O.B. and I’m proud to be called an S.O.B.
* I am a B.A.D. Blogger and yes! I’m that guy who said the now-famous-quote …“Half the show is in the comments” way back in November 2005
* I make Liz Happy and make her smile with all my stories 🙂 C’mon! You know it’s true 🙂

Why Chris Garrett Thinks HART Should Win This Contest

* Chris Garrett and HART have a CANADIAN connection – You see Chris is from Calgary Alberta Canada, although Chris has been in U.K. for over 25 years .. these two people have a connection here in Manitoba too – Chris’s In-Laws are from Manitoba (and his wife) so, hopefully, HART and Chris will meet one day – for drinks or dinner or something – even if HART doesn’t win this contest!
* Chris also appreciates people like HART who talk about Chris in the third person tone to gain a better Google ranking for his name
* Grey Cup 2007 Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan, nudge,nudge (enough said) 😉

Why Blog Catalog Thinks HART Should Win This Contest

* TonyB from BlogCatalog thinks I should go 🙂
* – [The Blog] Received Honorable Mention — Posting For Hope: Bloggers Unite Challenge, when I blogged to help stop animal cruelty and pet abuse September 29, 2007

Why HART Thinks He Should Win This Contest

* I’m a really nice guy and fun to have at parties
* I want to go, but can not afford the airfare. April 30th is a big Income Tax Deadline for me and I’m unable to drive to Chicago, myself, from Winnipeg and make the conference in time.
* HART loves to party – did I say that?

In Conclusion

Sure I’d like to go .. Regardless if I am selected, however, I wish the SOBcon08 a great success and look forward to reading everything about it around the blogosphere!


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