The Amusing Link Leak Project

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The Link Leak Project

I have decided to participate in this linking project and post links to blogs that are in my RSS Feed reader .. Bloglines .. that I read all of the time. So far – here they are …

* The Pet Related Link Leak Project
* The Accounting and Bookkeeping and Income Tax Link Leak Project
* The Small Business Link Leak Project

And now …

The Amusing Link Leak Project

* NOTE: These are just the regular RSS Feeds that are in my Bloglines that I read occassionally .. Some I’ve just discovered recently and others that I have been following for almost a YEAR now!

Warning: Some links may have language that may be colorful or have adult-oriented conversations .. (although they are not explicit as far as I know) .. also, your sense of humour may be different from mine – so, these sites may not be amusing to you at all! I should also mention, that my attention span is very short at times .. and some of these are great quick fixes to scan or read in between jobs to break up the day! Check them out, add their RSS Feed to your feed reader and … a warning … Try not to laugh too loud .. if you are reading these sites at your workplace!


An Extraordinary Ordinary Life

Bank Locator

Battle of the Sexes – Christopher vs Christine


Blood And Guts: Helena Lazaro

But my mom says i’m ‘special’

cary and eve – Trivia Time

Comic Strip Blog

Cute Overload


Dust My Broom

Family Guy

Fighting Splogs

gapingvoid: “comics drawn on the back of business cards”

Got Laughs – Daily Laughter

Letting Me Be – random wondering and philosophy

Not Exactly Rocket Science

Office Humor Blog

Second Thoughts

South Park X

The Best Page In The Universe

You Can’t Make It Up

Challenge to other Small Office Humor and Amusing Sites that are reading this

The only way to “cure” yourself from the Link Leak Virus .. is to post a list of blogs that you are reading! Maybe between all of us, we can create some massive and huge small business directory with everybody’s links .. for the benefit of the readers (and us too!)

And, if you just want to post your favorite site in the comments here, I will create another post with the additional links and blog sites that you have recommended.

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