The Accounting and Bookkeeping and Income Tax Link Leak Project

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The Link Leak Project

I have decided to participate in this linking project over at the PetLvr blog … for Pet Related blogs .. so I thought I would do the same for accounting and bookkeeping and income tax blogs that are in my RSS Feed reader .. Bloglines.

Here are some accounting and bookkeeping and income tax related blogs

* NOTE: Accounting and Bookkeeping and Income Tax blogs are not as popular as you might think there are – and are far and few inbetween. As an accountant, bookkeeper, and income tax preparer .. I think that the general viewpoint is that because we can’t discuss details due to privacy act and other confidentiality reasons .. we just don’t. Not to mention, that accountants tend to charge for their services more often than give them out for free. It’s a shame really, but that doesn’t mean there are NOT a lot of accountants and bookkeepers out there – because they are out there and blogging. But, they may not be blogging entirely about accounting and bookkeeping and income tax. But for the good accountants and bookkeepers, you will find helpful tips and suggestions in practically every post they make anyway ..

About – Business & Finances (Money)

Accounting and Bookkeeping Faqs Blog

Accounting – News And Articles

AAO Weblog

Accounting Blog – Vanilla Accounting

Bookkeeping R Us

Compliance Blog

CPA Firm Technology Blog

CPA Sense

Nicholas J. Pennewell, CPA

Our Taxing Times

Personal Bankruptcy Canada Blog

Tax & Business Law Commentary

Tax Amnesty Canada – DioGuardi & Company

Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter

The Canadian Tax and RRSP Blog

Income Tax

Challenge to other Accounting and Bookkeeping and Income Tax Related Blogs that are reading this

The only way to “cure” yourself from the Link Leak Virus .. is to post a list of blogs that you are reading! Maybe between all of us, we can create some massive and huge accounting and income tax related links with everybody’s links .. for the benefit of the readers.

And, if you just want to post your favorite site in the comments here, I will create another post with the additional links and blog sites that you have recommended.

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