The 2000 Blogger Faces Project

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Tino Buntic would like to showcase 2000 Bloggers from around the world

I’ve been getting quite a bit links in my Dashboard from faces on this page that has been blatantly copying the entire list of faces on their own pages, I guess to get a link trackback like I did. I’m not sure that this is a good idea, so I am not planning to do that – at least until all 2000 bloggers are listed 😀 (we’ll see .. it’s actually a great idea but, I hate people who have already done that already because in my Bloglines – the bloody post keeps showing up and takes a while to load – so I don’t people to be mad at me!)

MEANWHILE … by my math .. there is only approximately 865 bloggers on the page of 2000 Bloggers
Above are A-List Bloggers… B-List Bloggers… C-List Bloggers… All blogs in between, plus some you’ve never seen
and if you want to appear on this page yourself .. put up a picture on your own blog and go comment on THIS ENTRY on Tino’s blog and ask to be included! There’s only 1.135 spots left!

By the way .. I’m the 440th face in the lot ..



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