Tax tips from the Internal revenue service

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Here is an interesting video on YouTube ..

From The YouTube Description

Tax Tips from the Internal Revenue Service. You can pay now….and later!



NightHawk451 says:

Lol i remember this one Irwin R schyster was a awesome wrestler

DeaditeScum says:


wwebatmanmaniac says:

Is this a pre-debut promo?

TurgeonFan77132 says:

Looks like it b/c you can see his mullet when he turns to use the AUDIT stamp at the end.

dullKnife says:

he did well on the survivor series 91 i think? even if he lost 🙂

uturniaphobic says:

the Tax Return forces the Citizen to testify and possibly self-incriminate.
It burns a hole in the 5th Amendment and is therefor entirely illegal.

Do you even know who you ACTUALLY work for Mr. IRS Smart Guy? Follow the Treasury Note Interest (also illegal)

stone85 says:

he did well in the royal rumble 1992 match as well from the number 18 entrant to the final 9 in the rumble match almost 25 minutes

arturouniversidad says:

IRS, one of the best in 90’s

kanenkitten says:

Not being from the US I don’t know how’d they react if you did that.

Have you tryed it?

uturniaphobic says:

Well saying or typing that I am a tax evader might raise an eyebrow and invite unwelcome company into my life. Let me just say I do whatever it takes to minimize the damage they inflict on my finances.

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