Tax Tip: You can authorize a representative online! Try it today.

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The following is now available on the CRA Web site:

Did You Know …

That you can authorize your representative online if they have registered with our Represent a client service? Authorizing a representative online gives your representative instant, secure access to the information needed to help complete your income tax and benefit return and to complete certain transactions on your behalf. You can authorize a representative online 21 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also change or revoke your representative’s authorization at any time.

All you have to do is log in to the My Account service, select Authorize my representative, and complete the four easy steps.

For more information, visit

If you are a representative and want to access your client’s tax information online, use the Represent a client service.

SOURCE: CRA Newsroom

Please Note:

When I deliver Individual Tax Returns I ask my clients to sign and/or return the T1013 Authorizing or Cancelling A Representive .. (nd for businesses I obtain the RC59 Business Consent) .. and send to Canada Revenue Agency to update their files anyway. So .. if you plan to provide me with online authorization, please advise me in advance if this is necessary or not. Generally, despite that I always request that you allow me to access ALL TAX YEARS and ALL TAX ACCOUNTS … currently, authorizations must be renewed every three years .. (even if there are no changes) as they do expire naturally at that point – and at time of death. If you are an Executor, or have Power of Attorney, I would need a copy of the Will, or Legal documents directing that you have such authority, as that will have be attached to the T1013. Canada Revenue Agency are “kooky” about that!~



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