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The following is now available on the CRA Web site:

Did You Know …

hat you can file your T4 information return electronically from the convenience of your computer?

Be part of the paperless filing solution and eliminate the need to send paper copies of your T4 slips and summary to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). File online and receive electronic confirmation that your return has been received by the CRA, and save on printing and mailing costs.

If you used our fillable or blank T4 slips last year, save time and effort by using the T4 Web forms or T4 Desktop applications this year. These services will calculate the totals for your summary, validate your data, and allow you to print the completed slips for your employees. All you need is the Web access code you received from the CRA.

* T4 Web forms – File 1-3 original, amended, or cancelled T4 slips direct from the CRA Web site.
* T4 Desktop applications – File 1-70 original, amended, or cancelled T4 slips using free downloadable CRA software.

If you are using software to manage your business, you can now file up to 20 megabytes of information (approximately 20,000 slips, including original and amended T4 slips) using our Internet file transfer (XML) service.

You can also file your return by accessing the T4 Web forms or Internet file transfer through our My Business Account service. Go to to check the status of your return, view your account balance and transactions, and more.

If you did not receive a Web access code from the CRA, call our Help Desk at 1-877-322-7849.

For more information on filing your T4 and other information returns electronically, go to

Source: CRA Newsroom


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