Tax tip – Goods and Services Tax / harmonized sales tax filing / The Quick and Easy Way

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The following is now available on the CRA Web site:

Did you know…

That you can file your goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) return electronically from your home or office?

Eligible registrants can use the access code from their personalized return to file returns with an amount owing, a nil balance, or a refund of $10,000 or less using GST/HST NETFILE, GST/HST TELEFILE, or My Business Account.

When you file electronically, do not mail a copy of your return to the Canada Revenue Agency. If you need to pay a balance owing, use your financial institution’s Internet or telephone banking service or Form RC158, GST/HST NETFILE/TELEFILE Remittance Voucher, to make your payment.

If you are filing on paper, be sure to include your Business Number and reporting period dates to ensure quick processing of your return. When filing on paper, do not use Form RC158 to make your payment.

For more information on filing your GST/HST return electronically, go to To access My Business Account, go to

Source: CRA Newsroom


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