Tax Tip: Don’t Forget To Claim The Canada Employment Amount

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Line 363: Canada Employment Amount

Under proposed legislation, employees are eligible to claim an employment amount.

Claim the lesser of:
¦ $250; and
¦ the total of the employment income you reported on line 101 and line 104 of your return.



Jason Feltham says:

What does this mean? Employees of Canada or employees in Canada? Is this just an automatic claim if you’re a working Canadian?

Jason .. everybody with T4 Income filing a Canadian Income Tax Return gets this non refundable tax credit. It’s in the same area as the CPP and EI deduction and BASIC personal amounts etc. Recognized and approved Tax Software will calculate it automatically, but if you are preparing the tax return yourself on those forms from the Post Office .. it’s something new from last year.

Jason Feltham says:

Thanks! The guide and online definitions were non-detailed.


Glad to help! It’s basically as simple as it reads above for the line 363 .. which is on Schedule 1 ( .. if you earned more than $250 just put $250 there and get that claim!

Also – if you have any monthly bus passes – it’s in the same area on this form.

Teri says:

Thank you!!
I’m doing my 2007 taxes now with my “T1 Special”, and it’s next to impossible to find out what they mean by “employees”.. the definition is nowhere to be found.. employees of what?? Glad to find another person asking the same question, and an easy-to-understand response..
Also, to confirm.. For 2007, the amount is $1000..?


ps. employees would translate to mean if you had any T4 income or Other Employment Income (tips, etc) – did you get a slip?

Teri says:

I ONLY had T4 income(!), and yes, have the T4 slip.. :o)

Larry says:

My wife got someone else to do her filing and they omitted this.I just told her about it.Man what are people so impatient.i translated it to mean if you worked and I worked.

Larry says:

Yup 1000 this year from 250.

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