Tax tip: British Columbia Training Tax Credit

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The following is now available on the CRA Web site:

Did you know…

That the Government of British Columbia has introduced the British Columbia Training Tax Credit to attract people to apprenticeship programs, and to encourage those already enrolled to complete their program. This tax credit is available to both apprentices who were residents of British Columbia at the end of the year and employers of apprentices enrolled in a Red Seal or other program recognized by the Industry Training Authority who carried on a business in British Columbia during the year.

As an apprentice, you may qualify for up to $9,000 in tax credits as you progress through your training, and additional funding is available to qualified apprentices under the Enhanced Tax Credit. To claim the training tax credit, complete Form T1014 and include it when filing your personal income tax return.

By employing an apprentice, you may qualify for up to $12,500 in tax credits as the apprentice progresses through training. Additional tax credits are available to employers through the Enhanced Tax Credit if the apprentice is eligible for the federal disability tax credit or is registered as an Indian under the Indian Act.

Proprietors can claim the credit by completing Form T1014-1 and including it when filing their personal income tax return. Corporations claiming the credit must complete Schedule T2SCH428 and include it with their corporate income tax return.

To access the forms you need to claim the credit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency web site at or call 1-800-959-2221. Forms can vary from province to province, so be sure to complete the forms for British Columbia.

For more information on apprenticeship programs in British Columbia, or to obtain a copy of your transcript, contact the Industry Training Authority at 1-866-660-6011, or visit its Web site at


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