Tax Law Expert Robert Wood Charitable Contributions

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Here is an interesting video on YouTube ..

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Saving Taxes By Giving To Charity (Forbes) It may seem too early to start planning year-end tax deductions, but it isn’t. In fact, especially if you plan to make noncash contributions, it’s best to plan ahead. Although tax rates seem certain to rise in 2011, that doesn’t mean you’ll get more from making charitable contributions in 2011. Some advisers suggest making contributions in 2010. For this and other tax tips about the end of 2010, see Tea Leaves And Tax Moves In 2010. To help make a decision, try to project figures for both 2010 and 2011, even if you have to make some assumptions about what rates 2011 will bring. More at



Sharaashleyz says:

Looking for a place to donate? Consider donating to “The Platform Group” a new theatre company raising money to produce our first show. We’re fiscally sponsored, so all donations are tax deductable, and through our indiegogo you can get a receipt right away. Support the arts! Check out more info in the video on my page.

Some good advice here; it’s always a smart idea to not only give, but document your giving as well. Can save you a bundle on your tax returns, and you’re helping out too.

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