Tax and Residency in Canada

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This video is on tax and residency. It covers 4 main tax and residency questions:

2:14 #1 — If you move… when do you stop being resident of Canada?

13:12 #2 — How do close calls on residency get decided?

18:00 #3 — If you stay too long in Canada… when do you have to start paying tax?

22:01 #4 — Can you be resident of two countries at the same time? If so, do you pay tax twice?

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Takashi says:

Excellent Video !!!

Alice in Wonderland says:

Hi John, Must I provide the CRA with proof of an annual residency or permanant residency in another country in order to be considered a non resident? Or could I be considered a non resident just by being on a visitors visa in 2-3 different countries for several years without ever stepping foot in Canada (and of course cutting all ties)?

Richucation says:

Great video very thorough on complex topics thanks!

sadi viziotv says:

Great Video. Thank you very much for sharing this information.

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