What’s the difference between accounting and bookkeeping? Ollin Sykes and Scotty Sykes explain how proper accounting interprets, classifies, and allows for analyzing and reporting of financial data. During this webinar you will learn: What pharmacy owners should be seeing daily, weekly and monthly The role bookkeeping plays in pharmacy accounting When to start thinking about taxes Steps to short and long-term planning for your pharmacy View the recording of this live webinar from June 28, 2017, complete with the Q&A session.
How to find the official Website of the IRS Internal Revenue Service and avoid the scammers? The video will explain …
The most commonly misused term by taxpayers with collection cases is IRS Revenue Agent. Everyone thinks that an IRS agent is making their lives miserable. While this may be true, IRS Revenue Officers usually are the culprits. The Law Office of Darrin T. Mish 15421 N Florida Ave Tampa, FL 33613‎ (813) 229-7100 http://GetIRShelp.com Click the link above for more videos, free information and to get my 7 IRS Secrets book free!
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Are you a student attending a post-secondary institution? Start filing your own income tax and benefit return on your own this year. For more information, go…
What is Estate Planning, What are the Big Four documents most estate plans should have? Robert talks about this and more. To hear more information on Estate Planning, call Robert Mansour at 661-414-7100 or go to www.MansourLaw.com. Out of the Rough is hosted by Fred Arnold. 58c
Part 1 of the series Giving to Registered Charities 101 Visit www.cra.gc.ca for more information about giving to registered charities.