TaxSlayer Pro basic tax preparation course – Module Three – Income (Part 1 of 6)
Debits go by the window. FASB 967 disclosures not included except if paragraph 1.b.D.341 applies, except when the disclosures are included. Accountants are not funny ! Period. Music Credit: “I Will” written by Joe Hamilton, and performed by None More One. First off, for those who say there is no law that you have to pay income tax please see this video:–oBswn654sw I created it because so many people want to (rightly) believe the income tax is unconstitutional. Yes, the income tax in unconstitutional, but IT IS THE LAW. Trust me, I represent people in actual criminal court and have seen what a grand jury does and what the courts do to people who try to claim the IRS has no power. It does not end well when the IRS catches up after 10+ years. O.k. to [More]
Observations on entrepreneurship, personal values, and the financial planning industry by Mark Kemp, Founder & CEO of Kemp Financial, a retirement and financial planning business located in Harleysville, PA. This short documentary film was shot over three days in Harleysville and at the Nationwide Financial corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Written, directed, shot & edited by Dan Perez Music by Chris Zabriskie
Financial advisor marketing and marketing to the affluent depend on a great business plan…In my opinion there are three types of financial advisors and fin…
For a better understanding of the three steps you must take to determine the amount of tax you must pay on your income. gives you 3 book keeping tips for book keeping for new business owners.