In this video Jared Eliseo , a licensed CPA, answers your questions about basic accounting for small business. We cover a variety of topics including accounting for entrepreneurs, basic accounting for small business, bookkeeping for entrepreneurs, taxes for entrepreneurs, tax savings for entrepreneurs ,inventory for entrepreneurs ,tax tips for entrepreneurs, inventory for taxes as well as cogs for entrepreneurs. We discuss when to hire an accountant for small business and tax planning for small business. Finally we discuss small business record keeping process, accounting tips for small business, bookkeeping as well as record keeping for small business in general Jared’s [More]
I like the Defence Jobs Australia recruitment campaign ads so much i made a parody version for accountants. Written by: Daniel Townes. Additional jokes thanks to Jennifer Wong. Voice over by: Simon Kennedy Original Music and Audio: Simeon Bartholomew Edited by: Daniel Townes. My debut stand up DVD is available here Massive thanks to everyone who helped out. The accountants in the first part of the sketch are, in order of appearance: Jonathan Lee Mark Williamson Zoe Pelbart Ash Jattan Matthew Wakefield Jennifer Wong Justine Rogers Reece Piper Marty Bright The original video from the [More] Taxes By Experts and a Song by Mr. Phil from Jimmy Kimmel and Xfactor. Income Tax Preparation More About Taxes By Experts! How to do your taxes online Just Imagine…Your own online CPA is just a click away! Taxes by exists to help you get a Maximum Refund and pay the Least Tax legally possible. We do business online, over the phone and by mail. Taxes by is equivalent to your own personal Certified Public Accountant, only on the web. We are with you through all the steps until the end. We take pride in our expertise, [More]
call HART crazy .. but Wizards of Winter – The Original Another Christmas Light Show A Different Wizards of Winter Theme Song Light Show Another Wizards of Winter Light Show Jingle Bells Light Show – Same person who did original Wizards of Winter Another Jingle Bells Light Show Just In Case Last Year’s Christmas Light Show post
When I first saw this video, I was thinking …. Some people just have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands … but I’m glad they documented it and made a video so everybody can enjoy what all the hard work they did! Enjoy! * I have uploaded the file to my server here: * I have added it to HART’s Bookmarks: Amusing Videos … O-Z here: * I first found this video from Ruth (Network Member of HART-Empire Network) here: * The original location of this file came from here: (From Ruth’s Link) READ ABOUT [More]
It’s not up on the website yet (at the time of writing this post), but it will probably be on the archives for the week ended 11/14/2005 … at Judge Judy’s website No, I am not a fan … although I watch it. My wife likes to watch it on channel 135 during the hours 6:00pm to 7:00pm … which usually coincides with our dinner. It’s …. “okay” .. but, if I were to pick my favorite .. it would be Judge Marilyn Milian from The People’s Court .. Hands Down everytime! Anyway – the episode had to do with [More]