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Updated Reconciliation feature released to all users in May 23rd 2017 – QuickBooks ONLINE only.
Working with the new Cleared Date under the Reconciliation feature in QuickBooks Online
This 8 minute video shows how to reconcile accounts in QuickBooks Online. It introduces the Auto Adjustment column that shows at a glance where reconciliations have been finished with an outstanding difference and the Undo functionality that solely for Accountants. Join the free Cloud ProAdvisor Programme to get free QuickBooks Software and Discounts for your clients: More free material
QuickBooks demonstration by on QuickBooks reconciliation tips revisited. The QuickBooks reconciliation process is arguably the most important bookkeeping task… How to bank reconciliation for bookkeepers.
Generally, when I prepare year end financial statements for my clients, I perform either of these 3 tasks: 1) I prepare everything and write up the books at the time of preparation of the company’s year end financial statements 2) I do the monthly accounting throughout the year, and then do the year end financial statements before continuing with a new fiscal year 3) The client has internal or part-time bookkeepers who do the monthly accounting and then I just perform the year end from information supplied to me. One of these part-time bookkeepers on task 3) just couldn’t understand [More]
This is Part (II) of two parts, because the original post seemed to be getting long. In Part (I), I had tried to identify some of the common difficulties that can arise and problems that can stir up during the bank reconciliation process. In this part, I will discuss ways in which I overcome each of those situations and provide you with some tips to help make reconciling your banks and cash accounts easier. Reconciling – Computer Cheques Firstly, I ask them to sort the cheques in numerical order when they get the cancelled cheques with their bank statement. Lately, [More]
In my travels, I have worked with many individuals, such as students and associates in public practice, clients and ex-clients over the years, and well .. even in general – ones who can pass a test, get an A+ on exams, have respectable degrees, high paying jobs, a lot of respect in the community .. yet – they can’t reconcile the bank. I’ve discussed earlier about the concept of reconciliation .. which just goes to show that identifying the transactions is not the end-all process in reconciling your cheque book … This happens when you will find that generally, in [More]