2010/11 Premier’s Awards Provincial Finalist Category: Legacy Ian Forman worked tirelessly to challenge and improve the way the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) serves the provinces with the collection of provincial income taxes. Besides improved relationships and reporting with many provincial agencies, Ian’s efforts resulted in these revenues to the Province: • $100 million—Correct revenue allocation between provinces; • $200 million—Individuals correctly declaring their province of residency; • $200 million—Tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning schemes. For 12 of his 30 years of public service, Ian was a leader nationally in work that influenced the transformation of the culture and focus [More]
Getting Ready: Managing the End of Mandatory Retirement in Ontario Here’s an interesting article over on the Osler Site that I have been saving here in my “drafts” for many months .. CLICK HERE .. it’s about Ontario’s mandate to outlaw mandatory retirement at age 65. The law was to come into effect in the upcoming weeks on December 12, 2006. I thought I would post some information from our favorite Big Brother website .. Canada Revenue Agency! Or more particularly, the Human Resources and Social Development Canada Site – part of the Government of Canada I should mention – [More]