**AN EXPLAINER VIDEO THAT CAN BE BRANDED WITH YOUR BUSINESS LOGO, CONTACT DETAILS AND BRANDING – READY TO BE USED BY FINANCIAL PLANNING FIRMS TO EDUCATE & ENGAGE CLIENTS** It’s never too early to get advice if you want to plan for a better financial future. When you are just starting out, getting the right financial advice can help you prepare for bigger things in life. It can also show you how to make the most of your money, and to protect you from unexpected situations in life. The earlier you start, the easier it’ll be to achieve your financial [More]
Hosted at the beautiful Aliso Viejo Country Club in Orange County, this workshop featured guest speaker Karla Amador of THRIVE Financials who taught members …
nerdenterprises.com The site / Guide is not finished yet but if you click the ‘Register’ link you can indicate your interest using the form provided. Then I will contact you and let you know when the site is ready. Download a sample chapter for free here: nerdenterprises.sharefile.com This is part of my Twitter Guide For Accounting and Bookkeeping Professionals Get the original video here: www.nerdenterprises.com In this short video I walk you through how to create lists on Twitter and how you can use them!
ca4it.com In this business video I’ll provide some tips and insight into the small business bookkeeping methods. I’ll also show you how to reduce your bookkeeping costs. As a firm of chartered accountants, ca4it accepts a client’s books in absolutely any format whatsoever. And you should see some of the books we receive! NOT pretty! However, keep in mind one vital factor: the more organized your books are when they arrive at our accounting office, the less time we’ll have to spend on them, which means, of course – you got it – your final bookkeeping services bill will be [More]