How to File a T1 Personal income tax return for very simple tax situations is not overly complex if you have tax software. Watch this video to get an overview of how you can file your own T1 Personal Income tax return. Remember you should always consult with a tax professional if you are uncertain or if your tax situation is more complicated. This video depicts a very simple scenario. Birdi Chartered Professional Accountant Follow us on Twitter: Add us to Google Plus: Read our blogs at: Ask a Question on our forum: View [More]
Pay Personal Tax Online through My Payment This is step by step instructions on how to pay your Personal Taxes through the CRA platform My Payment To view more information about Armstrong & Glen LLP this is our website
Watch the first part of the Personal #Financial Planning #Course by CA Rachana Phadke Ranade. This series is focused on financial planning for beginners. In this video CA Rachana explains the basics of #PersonalFinancialPlanning, Password management, Account operations, Account nominees.
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Subscribe Now: Watch More: The 10 most overlooked IRS tax deductions include ones for home offices and more. Learn about the 10 most overlooked IRS tax deductions with help from a passionate personal finance expert in this free video clip. Expert: Kem Washington Contact: Bio: Passionate about educating and writing, Kem Washington is a certified public accountant and business professor at Dillard University. Filmmaker: Max Cusimano Series Description: If there is one area of your life that you absolutely want to make sure that you have under control, it is your personal finances. Get tips on understanding [More]
financial planning 101, personal financial planning basics and fundamentals. Financial Planning is the process of estimating the capital required and determining it’s competition. It is the process of framing financial policies in relation to procurement, investment and administration of funds of an enterprise. Objectives of Financial Planning Financial Planning has got many objectives to look forward to: Determining capital requirements- This will depend upon factors like cost of current and fixed assets, promotional expenses and long- range planning. Capital requirements have to be looked with both aspects: short- term and long- term requirements. Determining capital structure- The capital structure is [More]
Hi there, I hope you enjoy this video. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask and I will try to answer all questions in a timely manner. I also want to note that this content is based off of the “Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in Canada” by Wolters Kluwer textbook which is what I will be using (along with some other CPA resources) in order to provide these lessons. In my opinion, this is a fantastic textbook and all of the tables/graphs that I re-made in Word came from this textbook. Timestamps because it is [More]
Preparing T2 Returns – Difference between Personal T1 Tax Returns and Corporate T2 Returns CURRENT PROMOTION AVAILABLE – 50% OFF – ONLY $199 – Just click on this link or copy and paste it into your browser A FULL STUDENT VERSION OF INTUIT PROFILE PROFESSIONAL TAX SOFTWARE IS AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS WHO REGISTER FOR THIS TAX COURSE AT CANADIAN TAX ACADEMY Visit is for more information at Our student access portal is located at The Canadian Tax Academy corporate tax introduction course was developed with the tax newbie in mind. The focus is on preparing Canadian T2 [More]
Compare to Other Tax Preparation Courses This course 1 hr Personal Income Tax in Canada Updated 4/2017 0.0 4 Discount: Original price: 20 € Current price: 15 € 1.5 hrs Every Canadian’s Guide to Financial Prosperity Updated 2/2017 0.0 3 Discount: Original price: 25 € Current price: 15 € 20 hrs Preparing Canadian Income Tax Returns Updated 3/2017 4.6 622 Discount: Original price: 195 € Current price: 48 € 1.5 hrs 6 Best Career Websites To Discover Your Dream Job Updated 9/2014 0.0 8 Discount: Original price: 20 € Current price: 15 € 0.5 hrs Personal Goal Planning Updated 3/2017 [More]
This discussion includes the following topics: advance directives, including powers of attorney, living wills and health care proxies, tax and non-tax considerations of an estate plan for married and unmarried individuals and estate planning for small business owners. More information on Women’s Financial Empowerment can be found on Visit for more information..
financial planning 101, personal financial planning basics and fundamentals. even if you’re normally level-headed, “your brain on the money” is different, and it can keep you financially stuck. in this course, we reveal ways you can adjust your financial habits and manage your cash flow in a positive way. we help you evaluate your current stress level and understand how your financial attitudes developed in the first place. we further help you break down the stressful stimulus-response behavior, separate your emotions from the noise, and gain a clear understanding of your situation and your options—and the consequences of past decisions. [More]
Canadian Personal Income Taxes – DIY How to Prepare Do my own Canada T1 Personal Income Tax Return – Updated for spring 2018: Filing your 2017 T1 Tax Return [The Table of Contents below lets you jump to your form] This video is designed to walk the “Average Canadian” through the Income Tax forms from start to finish, using plain English. It covers all of the most common tax situations. It walks you through how to prepare the T1 General tax return and all of the forms and schedules. Canadian Personal Tax Walkthrough TABLE OF CONTENTS 00:00 Introduction 02:16 T1 [More]
A Master of Science Degree in Personal Financial Planning can help you take your career to the next level. Learn how you can earn a degree for under $15,000 that provides flexibility, immediately applicable knowledge, and an unmatched ROI. More information can be found at
Personal Tax Course Preparing Canadian T1 Tax Returns Start to Finish- Best Practices This is an online Canadian Personal Tax Course that is offered by the Canadian Tax Academy: To enrol at the promotional price of $89 (normally $199), click on this link: In this intermediate personal tax course, I take you through the tax preparation process from start to finish for Canadian personal T1 tax returns. You will get to look over the shoulder of a professional tax accountant of almost 20 years and gain valuable insight into how to prepare tax returns accurately and quickly. This [More]
Conceptualised by the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in association with CNBC-TV18, ‘NSE Fin Wiz’ is part of the NSE LIFE. The purpose of NSE LIFE is to improve levels if financial literacy and education to enable, empower and enrich young Indians. As NSE FinWiz travels to Mphasis in Pune for its third season, watch India’s finest financial experts Ankur Kapur & Tanvir Alam shed light on basics
Read 9 Steps to Personal Financial Planning: When it comes to personal financial planning, no one is better in understanding your situation than yourself! By following these quick steps, you can make sure that you are on track with your goals and compare your financial position versus common benchmarks.
Purchase the Course (Only $12) Here: If you would like to know more about the Canadian income tax system, this is the ONLINE COURSE for you. You will learn about deducting expenses, claiming income and the receipts that you need. There are a few tips – to help you save when you file your personal return. This information is not intended to replace the professional advice that your accountant will provide – merely to give you the knowledge you need to ask the right questions.
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Lesson 1 – You will learn and review the details and requirements for … Who has to file a tax return. Who should file a tax return. 1040EZ vs 1040A and the 1040
Financial Planning: A Guide to Personal Finance › About Money A complete guide covering all aspects of financial planning including creating a budget, saving money, planning for college, retirement, taxes, insurance, and … The 1-Page Financial Plan: 10 Tips for Getting What You ……/the-1-page-financial-plan-10-tips-for-getting-… Forbes Mar 31, 2015 – Carl Richards, certified financial planner and personal finance … to you will guide you on every financial planning decision moving forward, … How to Choose and Use Financial Software – Personal ……/how-to-choos… The Wall Street Journal A quick guide to money-management and tax-preparation programs. … If you choose [More]
Preparing Canadian Personal T1 Returns – Claiming personal tax credits on Schedule 1 and the T1 General Return (Part 4 of 5) NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH & SUMMER 2016 PROMOTION – ONLY $69 CDN (ALL TAXES INCLUDED) AT CANADIAN TAX ACADEMY. Take the fully updated Canadian Personal Tax Course for only $69 CDN (including GST/HST). That is a savings of $228 off the regular price. Just click on this link: COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR 2015 T1 TAX RETURNS (THE 2016 TAX PREPARATION SEASON). In the previous tutorial, we looked at tax deductions and their importance in figuring out what someone’s taxable [More]
Preparing Canadian Personal T1 Returns – Inputting Proper Personal Information (Part 1 of 5) NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH & SUMMER 2016 PROMOTION – ONLY $69 CDN (ALL TAXES INCLUDED) AT CANADIAN TAX ACADEMY. Take the fully updated Canadian Personal Tax Course for only $69 CDN (including GST/HST). That is a savings of $228 off the regular price. Just click on this link: COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR 2015 T1 TAX RETURNS (THE 2016 TAX PREPARATION SEASON). In this video tutorial, I review the first step in the T1 Tax preparation process by looking at the personal information portion of the T1 General [More]
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Canadian Personal Tax Returns – Common filing errors and deductions (Tutorial 2 of 3) NEW YEAR 2016 PROMOTION – ONLY $49 USD ON UDEMY UNTIL JANUARY 31, 2016. Take the full Canadian Personal Tax Course on Udemy for only $49. Just click on this coupon link: FULLY UPDATED FOR 2015 TAX RETURNS. Preparing your own tax return is not necessarily a bad idea. For the most part, most Canadians have relatively simple tax matters. However, if you do want to take on the task of filing your own returns, then there are some common filing errors and improper deductions [More]
Canadian Personal Tax Returns – The 7 Deadly Sins (Tutorial 1 of 3) FALL 2015 PROMOTION – ONLY $49 USD ON UDEMY UNTIL DECEMBER 18, 2015. Take the full Canadian Personal Tax Course on Udemy for only $49. Just click on this coupon link: In this tutorial and training video, I outline 7 mistakes or omissions that are quite commonly made by Canadians. These filing errors can either get you into some serious trouble with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), or can cost you thousands of dollars in interest and penalties Don’t become the best friend of CRA auditors [More]
Canadian Personal Tax Course – Learn to Prepare Canadian T1 Personal Tax Returns FALL 2015 PROMOTION – ONLY $49 USD ON UDEMY UNTIL DECEMBER 18, 2015. Take the full Canadian Personal Tax Course on Udemy for only $49. Just click on this coupon link: Welcome to the SBC Knowledge Systems Inc. tax return preparation course. If you are looking to learn about how to prepare Canadian personal tax returns and filing T1 returns, then this tax course will give you all you need to prepare about 80% of personal tax returns for Canadians. In this course we will teach [More]
Financial empowerment starts with a solid foundation, based on knowledge, choice, and action. David Michaels talks about the basics of taking control of and managing your financial life. More information on Women’s Financial Empowerment can be found on
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