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MacAllister’s Restaurant In Cobourg Closes Over Fight With Canada Revenue Agency. Revenue Canada concerns The government has promised to get to the bottom of why a jailed mob boss was given a huge tax refund cheque R…
The Canada Revenue Agency issued a rebate cheque for nearly $400000 to Quebec Mafia boss Nicolo Rizzuto even though he owed the tax department $1.5 million …
You think the federal government is bad for taxpayers, you should hear what the IRS is doing to tax preparers. New Internal Revenue Service rules are putting regulatory burdens on tax preparation services. Critics say that the new rules are unconstitutional and only benefit big tax preparers. Hear more as Alexis Garcia interviews Chicago small business woman Sabina Loving about the burdens the federal government is putting on her tax preparation service, and what Loving is doing to fight back. See more at
I woke up this morning CURRENT TEMPERATURE: -37.5c (before Wind Chill) Well, it’s warmed up a bit, since I’ve been up .. and now 2 coffees and a breakfast later (it’s 10am here in CST) it’s now only -31.0c. To convert Celcius to Fahrenheit .. Here’s How To Do It (with a calculator and with negative numbers) Take Celcius times 9 >> e.g. (-31*9=-279) Divide by 5 >> e.g. (-279/5=-55.8) Add 32 >> e.g. (-55.8+32= -23.8 Fahrenheit) We have another relative birthday party tonight to go to, with lots of highway driving out to the rural country and no plug-ins [More]
Well .. Monday, May 1, 2006 was the deadline here in Canada for most individuals to file their income return, and myself well – my last E-File was sent at 11:56pm. Here’s how my TO-DO list now stands .. * Personal Tax (2) – I have two clients that I did not file on time, but both are getting refunds and have issues or missing data. * Late Filing (4) – These are four clients (6 people) who have elected not to file on time because of issues .. marital breakups, missing receipts, expected refunds, or spouse is self-employed and [More]