for all HART’s Google Hangouts …. I decided to stop ‘testing’ with the 000.”X” series and just start recording with an infamous and inaugural HART’s Hangout #001 In this video I am more familiarizing myself with Google Hangouts, but also trying to familiarize myself with viewers. Join the Forum discussion on this post
Since April 2007 .. crafters, hobbyists, and other non-commercial home businesses with gross annual sales of less than $10,000 .. is not required to register to collect Manitoba Retail Sales Tax. This means that people would not be using their PST number for purchases of products for resale, nor would they collect sales tax on the sales of their products. Other than that .. it’s been pretty harsh and a strict road for Manitobans to keep compliant with the Manitoba Retail Sales Tax branch. The Goods and Services Tax Rate has decreased from 7% down to 5% in 2008, but [More]
The following News Release or Speech has just been posted on the Finance Canada Site. Winnipeg, March 6, 2008 2008-025 The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, was joined today by the Honourable Gary Doer, Premier of Manitoba, to announce that the Government of Canada will provide Manitoba with $41.9 million as part of the new national Community Development Trust. ………… (read the rest of the article if you are interested in this news or from Manitoba) SOURCE: Dept of Finance
Background In Manitoba, if you are a licensed establishment and can sell Beer, Liquor and Wine .. you need to account for the purchases in the accounting records. It can be difficult, because most of the time (I believe), the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) holds on to preauthorized blank cheques .. the hotel or establishment just places an order, and a cheque is issued, or automatically debited out of the company’s bank account. There are usually invoices emailed to the business and just packing slips included with the shipments. In Manitoba, Vendors selling Beer have a special price. The [More]
From the Brandon Sun Online – High taxes make province less attractive: report Monday, October 3rd, 2005 By: Mia Rabson Manitoba has some of the highest taxes in Canada and has lost its competitive edge, a new report shows. The Chartered Accountants of Manitoba today released the first instalment of The MB Check-Up, a three-part report outlining Manitoba’s attractiveness within Canada as a place to invest, live and work. The first phase dealt with investment and a comparison of business and personal taxes found Manitoba does not have a good image when it comes to attracting new people to the [More]