Cristina Garza, Chief Number Cruncher at Accountingprose, Xero Gold Partner and Hubdoc Top 50 Cloud Accountant, has unparalleled marketing savvy. She’s built a world-class brand that helps her attract clients and employees alike. In this webinar, Cristina joined Yoseph West, Head of Marketing at Hubdoc, to discuss advanced branding/marketing strategies for accounting and bookkeeping firms. Topics: – How to find and create a brand story that works for your firm – Best practices and tips for creating an awesome website – The role that online content plays in brand building – Leveraging social media to encourage engagement – The importance [More]
For experienced accountants and bookkeepers, one of the most frustrating things about Quickbooks is the use of forms. The desktop icons and forms in Quickbooks are meant to assist users with no accounting experience, but they can be a source of frustration to accounting professionals because the icons on the homepage hide the accounting transactions behind the scenes. In this screencast, I go over the accounting behind the scenes in the receivables and payables workflow to show which accounts are affected.
Are you a newcomer to Canada? This video shows newcomers how the Canadian tax system works and what Canada does with the taxes we pay. It also gives a quick overview of why a newcomer should file, where to get help when filing taxes, and the resources available so you can learn to prepare and file taxes yourself. Go to to learn more.
Welcome to Accounting 101: Learn Basic Accounting in 7 Minutes! This video teaches the basics of bookkeeping and accounting. It includes details about debits and credits, assets, liabilities, sales and expenses. Examples are provided and a quick description of the chart of accounts, profit and loss statements and the balance sheet is also included. Create a bookkeeping spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel Support this Channel 30 Free Day Trial on KashFlow Accounting Software Free Bookkeeping and Accounting Course Learn more at
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Learn the navigating tips & tricks to help you with QuickBooks Online Simple Start or Easy Start, Essentials and Plus (works with US, Canada, UK, Australia and other global countries too) including: Keyboard shortcuts Zoom in and out Recommended browsers are covered (Chrome & Firefox — don’t us Internet Explorer) Tabbed Browsing (i.e. multiple windows open) How to open multiple companies at the same time Long’s One Click Trick – a toolbar to access the features you use most frequently with only one click! Clear Cache & Cookies This free training video will help small business owners, bookkeepers, accountants, ProAdvisors, [More]
Canadian Personal Tax Course – Learn to Prepare Canadian T1 Personal Tax Returns FALL 2015 PROMOTION – ONLY $49 USD ON UDEMY UNTIL DECEMBER 18, 2015. Take the full Canadian Personal Tax Course on Udemy for only $49. Just click on this coupon link: Welcome to the SBC Knowledge Systems Inc. tax return preparation course. If you are looking to learn about how to prepare Canadian personal tax returns and filing T1 returns, then this tax course will give you all you need to prepare about 80% of personal tax returns for Canadians. In this course we will teach [More] To download the Form 2290 in printable format and to know about the use of this form, who can use this Form 2290 an… This is not a bookkeeping course APR is offering a new service lessons to learn all about the book keeping methods h… for a free 30 day trial. Need an Accountant or Bookkeeper’s help? Visit: In this video you will learn why …
This is simply an introduction to United States Income Taxes. Truly the most basic description into the understanding what income taxes are. Future videos wi…
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It’s never too early to being planning financially for the future. This is especially true if you are living with MS. Evaluating your income, assets, debts, benefits and other resources is essential for being well prepared for your future. Joining us to discuss financial planning for people with MS is Silvia Stazio. Sylvia is a certified financial planner and serves as chair of the Financial Education Partners Program for the Washington DC Chapter of the Society of Financial Professionals.
It’s not up on the website yet (at the time of writing this post), but it will probably be on the archives for the week ended 11/14/2005 … at Judge Judy’s website No, I am not a fan … although I watch it. My wife likes to watch it on channel 135 during the hours 6:00pm to 7:00pm … which usually coincides with our dinner. It’s …. “okay” .. but, if I were to pick my favorite .. it would be Judge Marilyn Milian from The People’s Court .. Hands Down everytime! Anyway – the episode had to do with [More]