This is a video that shows the many reasons to come work at the Canada Revenue Agency.
Jami Peebles, Executive Vice President & Southern Regional Manager for Central Trust & Investment Company discusses the importance of setting up an estate plan.
You may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to be old or wealthy or famous to benefit from an estate plan, because estate planning is not just about th…
Rachael Rofe outlines the fundamentals of estate planning, including protecting assets and tax benefits for beneficiaries.
I just downloaded Internet Explorer Version 7 Beta 2 browser … Why? Because I prefer Internet Explorer over Firefox. Quite Frankly .. I have been giving Firefox a try because I do use it .. because of one extension. Lately, I’ve been getting these gawdamnit reminder messages to upgrade to the newer version, and it also tells me that my extension will not work with the newer version. That wasn’t the only reason I hate firefox with a passion .. Why does it seem to think it knows what I want cut or paste or hilited? It gets tiresome UNDO’ing [More]