income tax 101, income taxes definition, basics, and best practices. filing your personal or professional income taxes in the us can be an overwhelming task. we can make filing this year’s taxes a bit easier for you by explaining basic taxation concepts and terminology—and providing valuable tips to save money when it comes to tax planning. in this course, we cover concepts such as taxable income, tax brackets, average and marginal tax rates, tax withholding, deductions, and credits, and explain the motivation behind federal tax deductions such as mortgages, dependents, and charitable giving. we review the steps involved in filing [More]
Services In this video Softron team member Sukjhit Annad discusses the income tax preparation topic of tuition fees.
Alexander Efros, MBA, EA, CPA, CFP® from Efros Financial presents the world’s first ASMR income tax preparation client meeting video. This video is meant as a joke — don’t take it too seriously! Efros Financial is a Los Angeles-based CPA firm providing financial planning and tax preparation/resolution services. Learn more at Questions? Please feel free to reach out at (323) 531-3500 or
Income Tax Course for 2018 Tax Returns – Module One – Filing Status Softron’s Sukjhit Annad discusses income tax preparation planning to help Canadians better plan for tax season. In this video the income tax preparation topic of infirm dependant will be discussed.
DescriptionThis segment provides information on common types of income for students that are taxable and non-taxable. This video is part of an 11-part series for Canadian students about Income Tax. For a full list of reference links for these videos, visit
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TaxSlayer Pro online basic income tax preparation course – Module Eleven – covering Foreign Tax Credit, Child Care Credit, and the Education Credits
Module 13 of the TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Course – this module discusses the various forms of withholding and estimated payments on a tax return
#theartofwealthbuilding How to do financial planning for beginners|retire early|mutual funds investment & passive income Systematic Investment Plan is an investment vehicle, where an investor makes fixed, regular payments into a mutual fund, to reap the benefits of long-term investing. It helps you gain exposure to your selected asset class through the investment of a small or large amount of money, at fixed intervals and in a disciplined manner. Benefits of a SIP The compounding factor: make your money work for you by generating earnings which are further reinvested to generate their own earnings. The compounding process ensures that both the [More]
Services Sukjhit Annad of Softron discusses the income tax preparation topic of filing tax returns.
Services Softron Team Member Sukjhit Annad discusses the income tax preparation topic of preparing your final return.
There’s No Place Like Home is a Radio/TV show sponsored by the Housing Finance Authority of Pinellas County. The show features topical subjects each month geared towards housing and home ownership. This month’s guest is Eddie Burch, Communications Specialist with JWB (Juvenile Welfare Board), the Children’s Services Council of Pinellas County. This month’s program focuses on income tax season and a couple of programs that can help put money back in your bank account.
TaxSlayer Pro Basic tax preparation course – Module 14 – discussing the Earned Income Tax Credit or EIC.
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This video explains the US tax implications who have income from US whether they live in Canada or US?
Income tax exam preparation can be challenging. Here are 14 strategies to help you do well on your income tax exam. Brought to you by Learn Law Better Newsletter Sign-Up: Blog: Learn Law Better is helping law students get better grades and prepare for the bar exam.
TaxSlayer Pro basic tax preparation course – Module Twelve – Nonrefundable Credits – the Savers Credit, to Child Tax Credit, to Form 3800 General Business Credit How to File a T1 Personal income tax return for very simple tax situations is not overly complex if you have tax software. Watch this video to get an overview of how you can file your own T1 Personal Income tax return. Remember you should always consult with a tax professional if you are uncertain or if your tax situation is more complicated. This video depicts a very simple scenario. Birdi Chartered Professional Accountant Follow us on Twitter: Add us to Google Plus: Read our blogs at: Ask a Question on our forum: View [More]
With the income tax deadline around the corner, how unfair is it that hardworking Canadian taxpayers are paying for Justin Trudeau’s luxurious lifestyle!!
NABA volunteers help St. Louis residents with their tax preparation with the assistance of the City of St. Louis Comptroller’s Office. City of St. Louis: Board of Aldermen
Avec la date limite approchante de l’impôt sur le revenu, il est injuste que des contribuables canadiens assidus paient pour le style de vie luxueux de Justin Trudeau
Filing Back Taxes The Best Way. Get Free Essential Guide Here Back Taxes Have You Worried? Define Your Options. Get Your Valuable Free Guide. If you are considerably late declaring taxes for yourself or your company you are advised to download and read The Essential Guide for Late Tax Filers offered at TaxWatch Canada LLP. This necessary guide was written to assist you to define your choices and establish a strategy to submit your taxes as well as to minimize or remove interest, charges and taxes owing. If you are late declaring taxes for yourself or your business this [More]
TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Preparation Course – Income (Part 6) – Unemployment Income, Social Security, Other Income, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
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Are you a newcomer to Canada? This video series helps explain the Canadian tax system and provides information to help you fill out your tax return. This segment gives newcomers to Canada key information for filing their first income tax and benefit return. This video concludes the Newcomers to Canada series. For a list of all the links mentioned in this video and more resources, please visit:
TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Preparation Course – Module Seven – Income – Part 5 – Schedule E, Depreciation, K-1
So, you’re waiting until the last minute to file? Check here, for info. on how to file, quickly & for Free!!! Check if you owe any tax = tax calculator quick check Manitoba 2018 Income Tax Package (includes Guide) Turbo Tax 2018 RRSP Calculator Instagram
TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Preparation Course, Module 6 – Form 4797 and Retirement Account Distributions
Module Four of the TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Preparation course.