Just like my partial 2007 review back in July, because my online earnings are public knowledge, I will only present percentages of my earnings. Otherwise you would be able to figure out how little or how much I really made in 2007! 2007 Earnings – ignoring OnLine Revenue * Monthly Accounting, and Training income – 31.09% * Year End Financial Statement preparation and consulting income – 53.93% * Income Tax Preparation – 14.98% [RANT ON] I still haven’t quantified the amount of Income Tax Preparation that would be included in the Year End figures .. because a lot of my [More]
No .. Seriously! AskSanta.ca Now Children Everywhere Can Email Santa click on this image And, Not So Seriously … Gratuitous Christmas FWD’s in HART’s Email
My father-in-law is Herbert König, proprietor and owner of Corydon Clock Repair here in Winnipeg. He recently turned 73 years old and has been working full time in his leased premises 5-6 days a week, commuting back and forth from his apartment. His stated hours are Tuesday to Friday, Noon to 6pm .. but he was often at his shop before 6am starting his day repairing clocks. Other days he was available by appointment only, but sometimes went into the shop to catch up on his work. He is a busy man! On November 7, 2007 at 10:30am in the [More]
It’s hard to believe that we were watching the Football Game here on November 18, 2007 with +10c temperatures (albeit a bit windy that day). However, Winnipeg has been living up to its name as the cold and snowfall has slowly been creeping up on us. * I might have to start wearing socks with my CROCS!
Congrats to Saskatchewan Team and Fans! Sunday, November 25, 2007 – 09:30PM TORONTO (CFL.ca wire) — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have won their third Grey Cup in team history as they defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 23-19 in front of 52,230 at the 95th Grey Cup at Rogers Centre in Toronto ……. Continued at the CFL Grey Cup 2007 Site
News Releases – Communiqués RCMP ‘D’ Division/GRC Division ‘D’: For Immediate Distribution _______________________________________________ Suspicious Substance Found Regina, SK November 21, 2007 Saskatchewan Roughrider football practice was delayed on Wednesday for nearly two hours at Taylor Field. One of the players, while on his way to the locker room, happened to look down and notice a suspicious looking, unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. The head coach immediately suspended practice while the RCMP were called in to investigate. After a complete field analysis, the RCMP determined that the white substance, unknown to the players, was the goal line. Practice [More]
Well .. I’ve got 5 types of folders in my Bloglines filled with RSS Feeds (1) ARTICLES FOR EACH BLOG TOPIC These are feeds of articles that are subject oriented, and affect one of my blog. I might name a folder called “ARTICLES For PetLvr.com” etc. There may be searches included for specific keywords that are around the ‘net, or a collection of other people’s sites and other tidbits that helps me blog about that topic. Generally I don’t open the folder for review until I’m ready to deal with everything inside the folder, because with Bloglines .. I try [More]
* I was going around my usual everyday online business today, and decided to purchase something for $100.00 USD Image source: Wikipedia * It cost me $97.43 CDN Image Source: Wikipedia ~~~ Haven’t seen that for a while! WooHoo! According to the Bank of Canada Converter site – it now takes 1.0264 USD for every 1.0000 CDN February 8, 2007 was the high point this year so far .. where $100.00 USD cost us Canadians $118.53 CDN and last week on October 5, 2007 it was the low point this year so far .. where $100.00 USD cost us Canadians [More]
FINALLY! The DNS and nameservers “appear” to have kicked in. This means that my “planned” migration from the June upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to the new Dedicated Server plan August 1, 2007 .. has finally been made. I say “appear” because I still do not know for sure. All my reference sites that identify the IP of the address of, say .. THIS blog for instance .. show up as the IP of the old server. Yet, if you can see a message at the top of this post proves that it is on the dedicated server, [More]
I combined my two previous servers (ISP#1 the mega provider and ISP#2 the reseller provider) on June 8th to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) system. Basically, it’s like a quarter of a real server and limits the CPU resources to 25%. Well .. in the past several weeks I have kept reaching these limits and my network was blinking out. Occassionally, you will come to a site of mine and see the old “default Kubrick” blog template. Well – today I have upgraded everything to a dedicated server and things seem to still exist – so, that’s good! I will [More]
Story from Winnipeg Sun reproduced at Battling-Cancer.com I am an avid reader of Coffee News .. I read it every week since *AT LEAST* the Palatal Mongolian Stir Fry Restaurant opened up across the street a few years ago .. and periodically whenever I would stop inside Tim Horton’s to each lunch and enjoy an extra large coffee. There are weird news .. (of which I probably read before on the internet – but, that never mattered) .. there are local community news .. there are horoscopes .. and jokes .. and quizes and advertisements! This Coffee News publication literally [More]
Please Vote For Me! * It’s an interesting concept .. Glenda Watson Hyatt pointed me to this site during Open Mic Night last night. I Would Like To Get Paid To Blog For A Year Here’s the catch. All you have to do is vote for me, once every day, for the rest of the year! Don’t worry .. I’ll put a link up in the sidebar to remind you to do this 😀 There is a website called Blog For A Year that is asking for donations and readers to vote on their favorite blogger. Their goal is to [More]
It was 31c Thursday It was 33c Friday It was 36c Saturday It was 37c Sunday It was 36c Monday (yesterday) It is 34c Tuesday (today) It’s supposed to be 33c Wednesday (tomorrow) … then back to normal temperatures! I know there are many cities out there in the world that are having hotter temperatures than the above, but here the humidex is quite high. The Humidex (a Canadian Term) today is 43. What that means, is that given the heat and humidity outside .. it feels like 43 Celcius (or 109.5 Fahrenheit) when you are outside. I had to [More]
Last Thursday, July 18, 2007 .. I received 1187 emails. Now that I’m taking my laptop to the beach, and accessing email using EVDO internet access, I don’t think I need to be wasting time and access downloading all of these emails .. so, I’ve decided to have a new plan for my emails – in case it is using up my 500 MB download limit with EVDO access. * THE OLD PLAN: It was simple, I had only a few good domains that I wanted to use and many specific names for each one .. all my emails were [More]
I received my first EVDO (MTS Mobility) statement today. It is for the period June 29, 2007 until August 7, 2007 – and geesh that screws me up. First of all, this bill was for $145.77 allocated as follows: Activation Fee (Jun29) – $35.00 Service (Jun29-Jul07) – $34.00 Service (Jul08-Aug07) – $60.00 (discounted from $90 for next three months) PST 7% and GST 6% – $16.77 >> Total $145.77 I’m quite pissed. I knew about the activation fee, but I had absolutely no idea about the pro-rated billing cut-off. I have signed up for the maximum 500MB Data transfer account, [More]
In Manitoba, you are required to hold two parts for your driver’s license * Part 1 – License Photo Card (renews every 4 years) * Part 2 – Drivers’ License Certificate (renews every year) Well .. this year I had to renew my photo once again .. in 2007. My last photo was taken in 2003, and the one before that 1999 and so on and so on. Maybe one day I will collect them all and put them in a separate gallery. The picture on the top right of this sidebar is really my passport photo taken in the [More]
Do you need to find me? Emailing me usually works best .. hart@[any of my domains] .. Toll-Free Fax Line 1-800-613-2087 would be your next best bet .. or you can find me on one of the following social sites and NUDGE,NUDGE me with a private comment or something .. I dunno, wut-eh-vrrrr ~~ SO: add me to your friend list, your contact list, your enemy list, spammer list, (wait – no, scratch that – please do NOT add me to any SPAMMER lists, thank-You) or even as your beneficiary to your estate! It’s all good. I try to go [More]
* Yup. Still at Victoria Beach … There was a craft sale today and naturally we had to go. I made a beeline for the gourmet food mix and meat spices, and my wife makes a beeline for the jewelry. Afterwards, we meet at the artists corner to browse the original artworks, prints and pictures that closely resemble a view from our lakefront cottage. Well .. today there was a picture painted on our neighbor’s deck and the view could have been from our front deck .. we had to have it. But, I didn’t have enough cash on me. [More]
[RAMBLING ON] I was looking at my Year-To-Date (YTD) fees and invoices this year until the end of June 2007. Here is the breakdown of my billings to June 30th – by type: 16.57% – Monthly Bookkeeping and related services (EPD, PST, GST, etc) 63.57% – Year-Ends, Notice to Readers, Consultations, Systems and Training >>> subtotal – 80.14% 19.86% – Personal Income Tax Preparation >>> total – 100.00% (before my online earnings) My Thoughts – Tax Preparation Time-wise – with the learning, the tax research, the tax forums, the tax software updates, Canada Revenue site reading of updates, and the [More]
It’s 7/11 – That time of year again! As I mentioned last year on my birthday .. I’ve been counting backwards every year since I turned 33 years of age .. and now I can proudly say that I am .. 22 years old today! WooHoo! Pretty soon I’ll be a teenager once again! 😀 The Beatles – Happy Birthday [audio:http://1800HART.com/meme/beatles-birthday.mp3] This is what I want for my birthday It’s a USB Audio Interface. I have two keyboards in the basement collecting dust, and I thought it would be neat if I set them up .. and with the help [More]
MY EVDO IS WORKING! I’M ONLINE NOW! The above picture was taken last night, in the gazebo – of my new laptop computer (on battery backup power only) – connected to the internet with that new EVDO card I have been raving about … Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet My offline accounting and income tax busy season is “officially over” where, my weird 48 hour work marathons shouldn’t be necessary any more … and I do plan to catch up on blogging now! The above picture was taken last night about 9:30pm, June 30th … This morning, we had a major thunderstorm and the [More]
I took my laptop to the cottage this weekend, and did a little work. WHAT A PLEASURE! I actually did some work! The laptop battery, fully charged, lasts for an estimated 5-1/2 hours .. but, I had it plugged in while I was using it and keeping it charged. In my house, the built-in wi-fi/bluetooth/wireless detector recognized my own network and hooked up to my wireless G broadband router immediately. Actually, it also noticed a few other networks in my general area too! That’s with no extra wireless card inserted into the laptop .. just turn it on – and [More]
Good News: Part 3 – My Laptop Arrived Today! Yaaaaay .. it’s a beaut! I’ll take pictures when I set it back up again 😀 Bad News: EVDO Revolutionery Obstacles Naturally, the second thing I did after receiving my new laptop today (the first being me taking it out of the box) was to install the software and check out the EVDO Wireless broadband internet connectivity. Well .. the light was on the card, showing power, but the software was saying there was no power. Rather than fiddle with it, I decided to just pack it up and take it [More]
In my quest to get internet access at the beach this summer .. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to “Join the EVDO Revolution” .. because … *Mobility High Speed is the latest evolution of North America’s leading cellular digital technology standard * I think that’s pretty cool * Dagnabit! I need Internet Access at Victoria Beach! Today I officially signed up for EVDO I went to MTS Connect Centre at Polo Park Shopping Center because that’s where I deal with all of my accounts .. my MTS Tv, my MTS Home Phone lines, my MTS DSL lines .. and [More]
The Yearning Ever since I made my last time payment on my home Dell Dimension 8200 computer October 9, 2006 (Desktop #1) I’ve been itching to buy a new Laptop computer. It’s been almost two years now, since HART’s ancient Laptop has been up on the market for sale and still sits in a spare room in my house, not used. The last time I tried to sell it .. the infamous Blue Screen popped up. It sits collecting dust. Although .. truth be told .. I don’t *REALLY NEED* a laptop for my business .. I *DESPARATELY WANT* one [More]
I have finally converted my old static website for my business HBS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS to a blog format. HBS Management Consultants is a Proprietorship name that I operate under for my system consulting, accounting, bookkeeping and income tax preparation business. All my other earnings are maintained separately under a different registered business name, but is also a division of HBS Management Consultants .. like HART-Empire Network for my blogging ventures, and PapillonLvr,com for product related ventures (Ebay, watch repair, Online Stores, etc). With the new HBS Management Consultants (HBSMC.com) site .. I will *NOT* be moving any discussions or type [More]
Have you been following the Exchange Rates Lately? Here are the average annual exchange rates for the following years by CRA 1995 – USD – 1.3726 1996 – USD – 1.3618 1997 – USD – 1.4267 1998 – USD – 1.5422 1999 – USD – 1.48584024 2000 – USD – 1.48520240 2001 – USD – 1.54841633 2002 – USD – 1.57035976 2003 – USD – 1.40146175 2004 – USD – 1.30152024 2005 – USD – 1.21163240 2006 – USD – 1.13409360 Translation: For $100.00 USD in 2006 … we would convert it to $113.41 Canadian dollars. For 2007 .. Here [More]
My how time flies .. when you aren’t watching TV! I mean, except for Stargate SG-1 on Thursday nights and 1 movie the day after this was assembled .. that’s all I’ve watched on our new TV. Click the specs in the link above, if interested .. but I took pictures after assembled, and I now must make room in my camera for more pictures. I figured .. rather than delete the pictures, I may as well blog about it! 🙂 It’s a SONY BRAVIA – KLV-40S200A and I’m not ashamed to admit (weeks later) that we actually bought this [More]
Thanks For Your Patience! I’m Back! * Now .. where do I begin? April 30th has now come and gone, and there is still much to do. My last delivery to the drop slot at Canada Revenue Agency with an envelope, was at 11:22pm and there were 13 other cars there with people just like me delivering envelopes too! I wouldn’t say that I am “well-rested”, but I did manage to sleep about 8 hours last night. That’s actually an accomplishment because, for the past 25 days I haven’t slept more than 4-5 hours a night, and for the past [More]
* It still continues.. When I posted my Slowdown Notice before going to sleep late Friday night, Saturday morning (April 21st) .. I had 87 items in my ToDo list. If anybody is interested, this is where I stand at this very moment, Friday morning April 27th… I have, according to my Easy Task Manager ToDo list .. 42 “ToDo” projects in total. One project could be an associated group of companies, or a family of 6 tax returns to do. Here is the breakdown of those 42 items: * 67 T1 Personal Tax Returns of which 61 have to [More]
call HART crazy .. but NOTE: [RANT ON] PLEASE CLICK ON THIS EMAIL ADDRESS AND FORWARD YOUR THOUGHTS TO TIM HORTONS CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL IF YOU FEEL STRONGLY LIKE I DO ABOUT THIS TOPIC AND REFER THEM TO THIS URL. THANK-YOU. [/RANT OFF] To: TIM HORTONS CANADA Rachel Douglas Director, Public Affairs, Tim Hortons Tel: 905-339-6277 From: HART, Pet Owner Dear Rachel Douglas: Reference: Fiasco At The Tim Hortons Drive Thru – April 20, 2007 My two dogs Maxxie (on the left) and Sophie (on the right) would like to tell you that they are *very disappointed* with Tim Hortons [More]
I thought my luck was changing from yesterday … because I was 2 for 2 this morning phoning Canada Revenue Agency, and obtaining information that I needed to know. Then, around 10:30am this morning .. a customer called me on my cell phone – to inform me that my LAN phone number was disconnected! Believe it or not, I have a REASON why this happened .. however – it’s not really a valid EXCUSE – so, I will leave it at that for now. QUESTION: * (Q) What’s worse than losing your business phone and a client calls you on [More]
Heads up from: Curtiss Thompson over at 901am Google Labs has launched their latest experiment; Google Voice Local Search. This is a free automated phone service that allows you to search for local businesses. ….. I’m young and have never needed to use the “Yellow Pages” because of the convenience of the Internet and Google’s services, now with the addition of Google Voice Local Search I’ll never be without that convenience. Google-411 is like having the Yellow Pages with you wherever you go. To try out this service for yourself just dial 1.800.GOOG.411 (1.800.466.4411). MORE: 901am I’m the same way, [More]