Very few people in The United States have a clear understanding of what the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) actually is, how it operates, and why it does what…
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On September 11, 2008, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever was a panelist on “On the Line” with Christine Williams (Crossroads Television: CTS). In this segment, Paul answers a caller who asks about when certain taxes were imposed in Canada.
ALTERNATE WORKING TITLE: How to not get dropped like a Hot Potato by your Accountant and Income Tax Preparer I shudder to think how many people are making money online selling items on Ebay and collecting payments using Paypal .. and are not reporting the income on their tax return. It’s OKAY to sell some junk and personal items that you own on Ebay to help recoup the costs of other purchases that you may have .. and you probably don’t have to report the transaction. However, if you are buying and selling products on Ebay for profit .. you [More]