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Welcome to the ultimate guide to estate planning. If you are curious about planning in advance for long-term care expenses or your focus is on the Do It Yourself Beneficiary, managing assets for your children’s inheritance and overcoming challenges families face without an estate plan is financial freedom in retirement. Watch this complete estate planning review to see who needs an estate plan and how to utilize tax-free advantages in life insurance with the different estate types and trusts. People Often ask me “How does life insurance affect estate planning and Should I consider life insurance in my estate plan?” [More] If you travel to Canada on a working holiday visa, how much tax will you have to pay? Typically, taxpayers in Canada are liable to pay both Federal and Provincial tax on their income. The good news is that every taxpayer in Canada is entitled to a personal tax-free allowance of $11,809 (for 2018). This means that you can earn up to this amount without paying federal tax on your income. Canadian tax rates are progressive. In other words, the more you earn (over the tax-free allowance), the more tax you’re obliged to pay. For example, federal tax deductions [More]
Setup QuickBooks Online Free Trial: Lesson 0 – Converting from QuickBooks Desktop, if applies to you (9 minutes): Lesson 1 – Quick QuickBooks Online Walkthrough (25 minutes): Lesson 2 – Complete Getting Started Guide (2 Hours): Lesson 3 – Download Bank Transaction (37 minutes): Lesson 4 – Mastering Bank Feeds and Downloaded Transactions (58 minutes): Lesson 5 – Reconciling Bank Accounts and Checking the cleared date on checks (8 minutes): Lesson 6 (ADVANCED) – Managing Inventory (58 minutes): More coming, check this video’s description regularly for the list, and hit LIIKE + [More]
Financial Planning: A Guide to Personal Finance › About Money A complete guide covering all aspects of financial planning including creating a budget, saving money, planning for college, retirement, taxes, insurance, and … The 1-Page Financial Plan: 10 Tips for Getting What You ……/the-1-page-financial-plan-10-tips-for-getting-… Forbes Mar 31, 2015 – Carl Richards, certified financial planner and personal finance … to you will guide you on every financial planning decision moving forward, … How to Choose and Use Financial Software – Personal ……/how-to-choos… The Wall Street Journal A quick guide to money-management and tax-preparation programs. … If you choose [More]
A step-by-step example of bookkeeping basics (analysing the transaction, making journal entries, and balancing the journal). Modified from an original Powerp…
Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer – Avoid the 10 biggest estate planning mistakes, get a free guide from the Orange County estate planning law firm Kavesh… Tax amnesty lawyers Paul and Philippe DioGuardi reveal the startling truth about tax amnesty in Canada and why a DioGuardi Tax Amnes… The site / Guide is not finished yet but if you click the ‘Register’ link you can indicate your interest using the form provided. Then I will contact you and let you know when the site is ready. Download a sample chapter for free here: This is part of my Twitter Guide For Accounting and Bookkeeping Professionals Get the original video here: In this short video I walk you through how to create lists on Twitter and how you can use them!
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