At 11:07pm on July 27, 2008 (while on vacation) I cleaned up my Gmail account, and went into all of my cPanel accounts and began to forward all of my email to the Gmail address. I wrote about this on my post called The GMAIL Experiment and I will now display the results. First Of All … I must admit, Google’s spam control is pretty good, although not perfect. I also used my Spam control for automated posts that come in, that are NOT spam, but I didn’t want to see in my InBox. I must admit, as well, when [More]
I’m Officially On Vacation Yes .. I’m on vacation now, and away from my business – on my laptop. Thank goodness I have hi-speed internet access with my EVDO card! I thought I would do a little experiment. I have painfully over the years setup my Eudora home email program with about 300 folders, and filters galore .. and rely much on my Spamnix add-on to sort the almost 1200 emails I receive a day. Unfortunately, I don’t have that on my laptop – and I had two choices: 1) Copy my desktop Eudora on a flashcard and install it [More]
I’ve been estimating that I receive approximately 1400 emails per day … but, really I haven’t checked in a long while, so I thought I would do that today. July 18, 2007 * 1,187 emails received that day June 26, 2008 * 1,224 emails received that day Surprisingly … it would appear that the average emails I have been receiving in the past 344 days has only increased 3.12% (1224-1187)/1187 Also suprisingly .. that I have increased my filters and new folders in my mailbox by 17.33% (325-277)/277 Is your spam and email under control? or out of control? I [More]
It was December 2, 2007 since I’ve emptied the “trash” folder in my Eudora program. I remember vividly, because I blogged about it to remind me! Since then – 148 days later .. it would seem that I have averaged 129,199/148 =~ 873 spam trashy emails per day. That’s interesting to me, because everytime I check to see how many emails I received in any given day it is well over 1,100 count. That would seem to me that my filter is routing a lot of other garbage all over the place, or I ignore or there really is about [More]
I have been using Eudora 5.1 (free version) for the longest time. The copyright is 1991-2002 years. Before that, I was using Eudora 3.1 (free version) for the longest time before that! This week, I upgraded to Eudora 7.1 (Free Version) … it’s slightly better than version 5.1 but, nothing new that makes me have to read any “README” files! I did have a paid “Spamnix” add-on to version 5.1 and now it’s been automatically converted to “JUNK” folder, instead of Spamnix Folder. I don’t mind! BEFORE: I used to transfer my spam and junk and stuff that my Spamnix [More]