It’s not uncommon for people in financial difficulty to owe taxes to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)—sometimes a significant amount of taxes. Many of these people are under the impression that nothing can be done about it, because tax debt is different from other debt and the CRA has special powers. Ready to get started? Call our Ottawa number at 613-237-5555, or our toll-free number at 1-800-517-9926 (or email ) to speak with one of our professional counsellors and set up your free consultation. The professionals at Doyle Salewski are all fully experienced in providing financial management advice such as [More]
You’ve worked extremely hard to fund your retirement plan, pay off your house and amass enough savings to cover future expenses—but without a proper estate plan, all your success could fall into the hands of the wrong person once you’re gone. In this episode, CFP® Joe Anderson and CPA Alan Clopine dive in to critical estate planning tips for constructing a will or living trust, funding a trust, updating beneficiary forms and understanding estate taxes. Estate planning associate, Tom Lawler, joins the show to discuss the different types of living trusts you can choose from. 1:20 “64% of Americans don’t [More]
In continuation of our discussion on Succession, Attorney Karen Jimeno and Attorney Rod Nepomuceno will discuss your legal rights on Inheritance via Estate Planning.
Welcome to ‘Bookkeeping Makes Cent$’, a series of 10 short videos designed to help teach and learn the many different aspects of bookkeeping, starting a busi… When we first started doing eBay, it was like running little yard sales. It felt like a hobby that made us some extra pocket money….
To discuss setting up your free one hour consultation (in-person or via Skype) or any other aspect of your finances, please call 01424 777 156 or email info@…
MUSIC FREE STATIC EPISODE 47. Table of Contents. 1 0:00:00 Introduction 2 0:01:…
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Be careful what you wish for on Tax Deadline Eve.
By popular demand, our favorite CPA is invited back to Money Matters.
Eli’s Dirty Jokes “BBQ Booty” Facebook this joke Hey all you jokers…Subscribe!! & Join the Eli’s Dirty Jokes Fan Page on Facebook! Eli the Accountant reveals some astonishing similarities between a BBQ grill and the female anatomy. Created by James Tod McFadden and Tyler McFadden Animation by Doug Bresler Dirty Jokes Funny Jokes Cartoon Comedy