GEEESSSHHHH! It’s frustrating enough to wake up and wonder if anybody is reading your blogs, but even more so to waking up and seeing if your template is back to the default theme. I apologize to my readers who also had to endure this, if it affected the functionality of this blog, in addition to the 1-800-HART’ish look and feel that has existed. Here’s the reason I was worried the most: Is someone hacking into my site? Well .. as it turns out either: * there is some new checks and code in WordPress 2.1 ..validate_current_theme() .. .. It checks [More]
Default Block GateCrasher Trojan Horse I’m not sure what that is, although my Norton AntiVirus picked up an error message today. Well .. there it was … the I.P. address in plain view .. so I checked it against the Map… So, I have to do some more research on this matter, but until I do (and if I’m wrong – well, sorry about that!) but.. SCREW YOU Internet Services, Inc. of Dallas Texas for letting IP do (insert “whatever they were trying to do” here)