TaxSlayer Pro income tax preparation course Module Ten – covering Schedule A, Itemized Deductions for 2018
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General information for international students studying in Canada on the deductions used to calculate net income and the deductions used to calculate taxable income. This video is segment 11 of 16. For more information, visit
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This segment provides general information on income tax deductions for moving expenses and child care expenses. This video is part of an 11-part series for Canadian students about Income… …How Can I Become a Tax Preparer? To become a tax preparer you must complete 60 hours of qualifying tax education in an income ta…
How do Tax Deductions Work for 2011, 2012
As an employer, you have to remit employer payroll deductions (usually) every month by the 15th of the following month. Payroll deductions include the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, the Employment Insurance (EI) Premiums, and the Income Tax deduction for the employee, plus the employer’s share of the CPP Contributions (employee’s CPP x 1) plus the employer’s share of the EI premimums (employee’s EI x 1.4). The deadline for December 2005 payroll deductions to be remitted to Canada Revenue Agency is Monday January 16, 2006 .. because the 15th is a Sunday, they move it forward one day. So, if [More]