Investing in stock symbol CNPM? (now CNPM.PK on OTC Market) Today – it’s “last” shows it $6.00 .. what a joke! * DO NOT INVEST From tips Received in your Email! (Do I have to say that?) I’ve been getting quite a bit of spam lately, with the subjects like… It’s Abby 🙂 It’s Abdul 🙂 It’s Ada 🙂 It’s Adrian 🙂 It’s Al 🙂 It’s Alex 🙂 It’s Alexandria 🙂 etc etc .. and other names … like: Barbra, Benito, Bethany, Beverly, Carey, Carlos, Cassandra, Cesar, Charlie, Chuck, Claude, Cornelia, Curtis, Darcy, Dee, Della, Denis, Dino, Donald, Donnell, Earl, [More]