uh , .. it’s on my other blog .. no need to duplicate stuff but, a good “Heads Up” never hurts! See my post over at … the And You Retire Blog .. Reader’s Digest Version: Darren’s great, people wrote great lists, I submitted something great, contributors gets great traffic, and somehow in it all – there are some REALLY GREAT LISTS OF TIPS ETC in these! Follow the links on the great http://AndYouRETIRE.com blog :~
EGADS … sometimes I get SICK of reading all the tips out there on websites .. in blogs .. reading their lists .. their top ten picks .. etc etc .. Most are purely written because some ‘bloggers’ suggest to others that people really want to read tips and lists (do we have a short attention span?) .. and it will increase traffic. Y E T … I’ve been quite fascinated with this site: Sound Money Tips … so, I guess I will make my own list.. since .. It’s got tips on everything! TOP 13 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD [More]
Well .. Monday, May 1, 2006 was the deadline here in Canada for most individuals to file their income return, and myself well – my last E-File was sent at 11:56pm. Here’s how my TO-DO list now stands .. * Personal Tax (2) – I have two clients that I did not file on time, but both are getting refunds and have issues or missing data. * Late Filing (4) – These are four clients (6 people) who have elected not to file on time because of issues .. marital breakups, missing receipts, expected refunds, or spouse is self-employed and [More]
Well .. it might not seem like progress to some, still having 55 items in my ToDo list .. however this past week I have made some great progress (as you recall it was 67 last week and rising). There are currently two jobs that are eating up my time though, and about 5 more that I have to find a good block of time to dedicate to the start, doing and completion of the tasks .. but other than that .. I should be ticking jobs off my list in quantities. For a few of the non-May 1st deadlines [More]
I posted my TO-DO List as at Monday April 10, 2006 .. HERE .. which shows that I had 67 items on my To-Do list. Well .. since then – I have been working on two major year ends and two Final Returns, manage to get 7 envelopes of individuals or family tax returns ready for pickup on Monday (or Tuesday – depending on Holiday Status) – but my To-Do list now stands at 69 tasks to do! Eight more families came in this week, plus another corporation year end due. I have to make a difference this upcoming week [More]
I posted earlier .. HERE .. that my old todo list crashed and that I was using another software to keep track of my workload .. Swift To-Do-List Lite from Dextronet Well .. I like it. I would recommend it. Try it. I remember last monday.. April 3, 2006 .. I actually had 72 tasks in my TO-DO list …. and by Friday April 7, 2006 I managed to finish and and get a bunch out of my list last as I completed the job. Then – can you tell me why on Saturday April 8, 2006 I now had [More]
Top Five Reasons Why A Business Might Want To Use A Petty Cash Fund 1) The owner does not have to be available 24 hours to write a cheque for every little expense all of the time 2) To have the ability to make change for your customer wanting to pay an invoice on account 3) To reimburse an employee replenishing office supplies they had purchased for the business 4) To systematically keep track of all cash purchases in one logical place 5) To give an employee greater responsibility in helping running the affairs of the business Top Five Reasons [More]
SUMMARY OF SERVICE We will prepare (without audit) your annual T1 Income Tax Return from information provided by you. I am registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as an EFILE PREPARER with certain responsibilities. I am not an agent for CRA, but I can Efile your tax return electronically using Efile Online, or paper-file your tax return. You will receive a summary and “Client Copy” of your final tax return filed. INFORMATION WE REQUIRE If married, both returns should be prepared at the same time Verification of your birthdates Children’s names and birthdates Employment income slips (T4, T4A, T4E, T4PS, [More]
For all new clients, I must request the following for my files: ALL CLIENTS Current Contact Mailing Address Current Phone and Fax numbers (home, work, cell) Current Email address PIPEDA Letter PERSONAL TAX CLIENTS Copy of your last T1 Income Tax Return filed with CCRA Copy of your latest Notice of Assessment from CCRA Engagement Letter CORPORATE & BUSINESS CLIENTS Copy of your last T2 Corporation Tax Return filed with CCRA Copy of your last Notice of Assessment from CCRA Copy of your last published Financial Statements Copy of Incorporation Certificates and Share Structure Engagement Letter Take care. HART 1-800-HART