Be at last .. The Tale of the Giant Stone Eater .. Hear this the tale of the giant stone eater Gather round boys and girls and listen To the tale of the giant stone eater and how the earth was ravaged during the years of the great stone shortage… – The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (this post isn’t about stone shortages, it’s about my cell phone service .. feel free to get a cup of coffee, or brew some tea… take your shoes off and rest awhile!) Background – Summary Recap On November 10, 2008, I renegotiated all my [More]
What I’ve Got Now 1) HOME ACCOUNT (About $180/month) * Home/Business phone line with the extras * Digital TV * DSL Internet 2) MOBILITY ACCOUNT #1 (About $50/month) * My cell phone with basic extras * My wife’s cell phone (buddy plan) 3) MOBILITY ACCOUNT #2 (About $90/month – big hits over summer overages) * My EVDO account – currently, maxed out at 500MB transfers per month. The July/August summer usage ended up costing me about $800 – being connected in the middle of nowhere so I can run my 4) FAXING CAPABILITY * I’ve got an all-in-one machine [More]