Living in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada .. everything is in Canadian Dollars. That is our local Currency and everything that goes with our “offline” lives. However, online, I get paid in U.S Dollars .. Although, only a small portion actually goes into my Canadian Bank account (I transfer my Google Adsense only – as the rest is left in my Paypal account and put back to finance my online activities also in USD$) .. I did receive an extra $79.86 CDN today on my Google Payout of $426.77 USD. WooHoo! That’s great! Because .. well, I spent $160.00 CDN for plumbing [More]
Currently, I’ve been spending my days trying to make heads or tails out of my father-in-law’s Clock Repair Business .. as he is no longer able to, since he was involved in a car accident early November. One of his customers came in today to pick up his antique mantel clock .. and in conversation, he mentioned that he couldn’t wait to get down south to Fargo, North Dakota for some last minute Christmas shopping, since the Canadian Dollar is so much higher than the U.S. dollar now .. EH? EXCUSE ME? HAVEN’T YOU BEEN FOLLOWING THE NEWS? ME neither. [More]