I normally try to leave my clients out of this blog .. but something happened today that, in my opinion, makes a good learning example of what NOT to do – when filing Goods and Services Tax (GST) Returns. In my client’s case, the company is a monthly filer. For monthly GST filers, the return for the current month has to be filed by the end of the following month. It’s pretty much the same for quarterly GST filers, where the return for the 3 months of the last fiscal quarter is due by the end of the following month. [More]
Listen .. trust your HART … If you don’t have the money to pay your income taxes, you should still make an effort to file your income tax return ON TIME. This way, it’s only a “collection issue” and you will only be subject to interest on the arrears balances owing. If you file late or after the due date (April 30th for most individuals and June 15th for self-employed individuals), you will have to pay a flat percentage penalty of the balance you owe plus a flat percentage penalty of the balance owing is added for every month you [More]
I received this in my In-Box October 26, 2005 … it’s that time of year again, for us preparers to register with Canada Revenue Agency to renew our participation online. Thank you for using our electronic services to file your client’s individual and corporation income tax returns. To maintain your access to our electronic services for the coming year, you have to renew your participation online. This will allow you to use the following electronic services: * EFILE On-Line * EFILE On-Line Plus * System for Electronic Notification of Debt (SEND) * Corporation Internet Filing * To renew your participation, [More]