My father-in-law is Herbert König, proprietor and owner of Corydon Clock Repair here in Winnipeg. He recently turned 73 years old and has been working full time in his leased premises 5-6 days a week, commuting back and forth from his apartment. His stated hours are Tuesday to Friday, Noon to 6pm .. but he was often at his shop before 6am starting his day repairing clocks. Other days he was available by appointment only, but sometimes went into the shop to catch up on his work. He is a busy man! On November 7, 2007 at 10:30am in the [More]
I combined my two previous servers (ISP#1 the mega provider and ISP#2 the reseller provider) on June 8th to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) system. Basically, it’s like a quarter of a real server and limits the CPU resources to 25%. Well .. in the past several weeks I have kept reaching these limits and my network was blinking out. Occassionally, you will come to a site of mine and see the old “default Kubrick” blog template. Well – today I have upgraded everything to a dedicated server and things seem to still exist – so, that’s good! I will [More]
GEEESSSHHHH! It’s frustrating enough to wake up and wonder if anybody is reading your blogs, but even more so to waking up and seeing if your template is back to the default theme. I apologize to my readers who also had to endure this, if it affected the functionality of this blog, in addition to the 1-800-HART’ish look and feel that has existed. Here’s the reason I was worried the most: Is someone hacking into my site? Well .. as it turns out either: * there is some new checks and code in WordPress 2.1 ..validate_current_theme() .. .. It checks [More]
Tino Buntic would like to showcase 2000 Bloggers from around the world I’ve been getting quite a bit links in my Dashboard from faces on this page that has been blatantly copying the entire list of faces on their own pages, I guess to get a link trackback like I did. I’m not sure that this is a good idea, so I am not planning to do that – at least until all 2000 bloggers are listed 😀 (we’ll see .. it’s actually a great idea but, I hate people who have already done that already because in my Bloglines [More]
Kian Ann (from Singapore) has Blogtipped me yesterday December 1, 2006 .. on his blog .. Blogopreneur: blog entrepreneurship centre .. SOURCE: Number #1 // 1-800-HART! The three most wonderful things about Hart’s blog are that 1) Hart’s blog is right up with the news! I mean, I could see consistently like 2 or 3 posts a day… and we all know that posting frequently can be quite demanding at times but he’s done it! 2) I simply love it when I can easily find a picture of the author of a blog, whether it is in the front [More]
I am looking to divest my time before the upcoming 2007 Tax Season .. by trying to acquire bloggers for a certain portion of my sites within the HART-Empire Network.. starting with the Health Blogs .. Follow the link for details. Also .. In case you have not heard .. besides the regular HART-Empire Network site .. I have created eight other blogs useful to aggregate blog entries BY CHANNEL .. This might be useful, in case you are looking to check out new RSS Feeds, but do not want to add a gabillion or even a gajillion new feeds [More]
I previously wrote back in August 2006 … Hey Other Adsense Users! Found a nifty little software utility today … (from catching up on my unread Blogline feeds and a heads up from Dominic Foster’s Accidental Entrepreneur blog). It’s called: AdSenseLOG – from Metalgrass Software. “a tool for checking and analyzing your Adsense ads data (Content, Search, Custom/URL channels and Referrals). This tool is aimed at site owners who use Adsense in their sites. Previously, when I first tried it .. I downloaded their version 3.0.4 .. and the pricing structure was as follows: AdSenseLog comes in three flavors: Free, [More]
I have been surfing the ‘www’ looking for lists of “Accounting Blogs” in general, and here in Canada .. and for some reason I thought I would come across some list out there, anywhere … where my name or this blog would be on it. – Oh well .. I guess that’s that .. I need to work on my image online. I mean, I know this blog has got everything but the kitchen sink … // (Okay .. I’ve got a bathroom sink .. does that count?) // but I’ve always considered this to be “the business blog” of [More]
Microsoft’s Live Search Engine at is now out of beta apparently, and ready to take Google Search. So, I thought I would see how well my name is in the search engines. I should note .. (aargh) that my name is HARTLEY SINGER and there is another HARTLEY SINGER out there, who is a musician. He goes by his initial HARTLEY E. SINGER while, I try to always use my middle initial now too .. HARTLEY B. SINGER. My business is HBS Management Consultants, based on my initials. I’ve been posting all my blog posts and commenting around the [More]
Suppose you have an accounting blog .. like .. HART (1-800-HART) … and you want to show off your accounting knowledge …. READER: Dear HART … I just purchased a new car that was financed over 3 years, for $25,000.00 .. I put down $3,000.00 which included the first month’s loan payment of $500.00. What’s my journal entry? HART (1-800-HART): Congratulations on your new purchase .. I hope you have many years enjoyment with your new car. Here’s how to “book” the journal entry into your accounting records. JOURNAL ENTRY DEBIT CREDIT (1) DR. AUTOMOBILES $25,000     CR. CAR [More]
uh , .. it’s on my other blog .. no need to duplicate stuff but, a good “Heads Up” never hurts! See my post over at … the And You Retire Blog .. Reader’s Digest Version: Darren’s great, people wrote great lists, I submitted something great, contributors gets great traffic, and somehow in it all – there are some REALLY GREAT LISTS OF TIPS ETC in these! Follow the links on the great blog :~
Round #1 – The “Battling” Series of Blogs “Battling” Series – Forums The “Battling” series of blogs were created out of personal reasons. It was to be a joint “health and fitness” section with postings from the two existing members of the HART-Empire Network. Ruth’s husband is battling with Multiple Sclerosis. My mother-in-law was battling with cancer (and eventually passed away May 26, 2006). My brother is schizophrenic. We all battle stress and obesity. My father had stokes in 2000 and also has diabetes and heart attacks and strokes are a risk [More]
Hey Other Adsense Users! Found a nifty little software utility today … (from catching up on my unread Blogline feeds and a heads up from Dominic Foster’s Accidental Entrepreneur blog). It’s called: AdSenseLOG – from Metalgrass Software. “a tool for checking and analyzing your Adsense ads data (Content, Search, Custom/URL channels and Referrals). This tool is aimed at site owners who use Adsense in their sites. It comes with a lot of features .. but, what caught my attention to this utility tool – is it’s price. I currently fall in the “FREE” Version and, if it’s any good I [More]
It sure took me a long time .. but that’s how it usually is with me. Something I can tolerate, and other things just start to bother me and I have to do something about it. Today, I am talking about those square box borders around all the images in this blog and even on the smilies! BEFORE: Well .. used to tolerate it .. but this morning I finally decided that it “irks” me – and I should fix this. It was a simple fix, as you can see … AFTER: HOW DID I DO IT? I just added [More]
They say “If they said it on the internet .. it must be true …” … Well, somewhere they say that all of all the blog comments that are made, 90% of it is spam. I’m not going to verify that figure, because I think that while it probably is even higher than that on targeted blogs … (with high traffic or high paying keywords) .. I think it is much lower as a general percentage. Anyway … I’ve been getting spammed on all my blogs, just like everybody else with a blog. It’s been annoying lately, because most of [More]
Hi. We go back a loooong time .. We used to go to different schools together >.. Or, that’s something my father might have said, without even knowing he was a comedian! Joe Yanuzzi and I have been instant messaging for the a while now .. the only thing is .. he doesn’t use instant messenger .. he uses Email. What this means is that we email back and forth emails that take up the least amount of characters, 😛 , and never change the subject matter for at least a few days! It’s quite exciting to find anything useful, [More]
Anybody who knows me (hopefully) will acknowledge that I am good at what I do. One of the reasons for this, is that I recognize that my brain, whether it is “beach property” or “vacant” property” .. is limited by by what I know. The more new knowledge that I may try to cram into this property, I have learned over time, that the most likely end result will be the obliteration of existing information. New information will just overwrite the older information. Yes – It’s True! When you hear that saying … In through one ear, out the other! [More]
I wrote a post on May 25, 2006 about ClustrMaps. I had installed the code on my PetLvr site on May 19, 2006 for the following reason: * I wanted to know if the whole world is reading – [The Blog], and if it truly is “A Website For All Earthlings, Who Love Animals” .. as my Tagline suggests. You can visit that site to see if this is true or not, as the same graphic is in its footer is continually to obtain data as time goes on. Well, I decided to place a ClustrMap here at 1-800-HART [More]
Easton Ellsworth first came up with the concept of Blogtipping and we’re trying to get this into a viral internet phenomenom … to be repeated on the 1st of every month … Yes .. I know it’s June 2, 2006 and I’m late – again. As Easton said If you feel the Spirit of Blogtipping stirring your soul, join us on June 1st by sneaking up on a few blogs and offering them three compliments and one thoughtful suggestion each. (Or adapt according to your own preferences). I would like to participate in this project, despite that I am a [More]
I thought I would experiment with ClusterMaps hit counter .. where you can .. Locate all site visitors. Fast. Free. (Get one…) See at a glance where your site’s visitors are located: instantaneously, even when the numbers are enormous! Visitors don’t need to click on anything: just viewing your page is sufficient. There’s not much EXTRA information, other than what you see unless you become a subscriber .. but from reading the background product pages on the site .. if I choose to subscribe at a later date ..the cost seems reasonable. So, if this is a good service or [More]
… in an email I received this weekend… Excuse me, did you know that your bloglines link and RSS feed button link to a petlover site? D’oh! It was .. linked to .. THANKS GERRY! I must have done something sometime ago in my templates, and must have copied a section from my other blog over into this one .. According to my backups, it’s been at least 4 months like that – since January 6, 2006 .. the backup before that had it correctly listed … uggghh 🙁
The Link Leak Project I have decided to participate in this linking project and post links to blogs that are in my RSS Feed reader .. Bloglines .. that I read all of the time. So far – here they are … * The Pet Related Link Leak Project * The Accounting and Bookkeeping and Income Tax Link Leak Project * The Small Business Link Leak Project And now … The Amusing Link Leak Project * NOTE: These are just the regular RSS Feeds that are in my Bloglines that I read occassionally .. Some I’ve just discovered recently and [More]
THE LINK LEAK PROJECT I have been trying to participate in spreading the “Link Leak Virus” around, but in my own unusual way. I started off with The Pet Related Link Leak Project on my PetLvr blog.. and then did The Accounting And Bookkeeping And Income Tax Link Leak Project earlier on this blog .. so now I am looking deep into my and see what else I can leak .. and so, here it goes! Here Are Some Small Business Related Blogs That HART Reads (from his Bloglines) NOTE: Granted, there are many aspects of small business that [More]
I have no idea why some of my blogs have duplicate postings at times .. My apologies in advance for all future times of duplicate postings and apologies for all past times too (while I’m at it!) … I will be deleting the 2nd post automatically .. so, if you see a URL in your RSS feed reader that ends with something like ….. and you click on the link and it’s gone – .. that’s why. Just delete the -2/ and it should work. HART
The Link Leak Project I have decided to participate in this linking project over at the PetLvr blog … for Pet Related blogs .. so I thought I would do the same for accounting and bookkeeping and income tax blogs that are in my RSS Feed reader .. Bloglines. Here are some accounting and bookkeeping and income tax related blogs * NOTE: Accounting and Bookkeeping and Income Tax blogs are not as popular as you might think there are – and are far and few inbetween. As an accountant, bookkeeper, and income tax preparer .. I think that the general [More]
Oh .. Here’s a site that I could have just said .. “DITTO” …. so, I commented over there and you can read all about it (if you are interested) “Commission Junction Abuses Small Publishers” at.. The Marketing Journal @
It seems to fall upon myself to try and define three little letters S, O, and B … Being the accountant that I am – I would think that these initials represent the abbreviation for SET-OF-BOOKS .. because, as you know – that’s what accountants do … they work with a set of books and prepare financial statements and file income tax returns from that. But – I thought I would be doubly sure and search for more S.O.B. references WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF S.O.B. S.O.B. – shortness of breath: a dyspneic condition S.O.B. – in common parlance, a [More]
I just downloaded Internet Explorer Version 7 Beta 2 browser … Why? Because I prefer Internet Explorer over Firefox. Quite Frankly .. I have been giving Firefox a try because I do use it .. because of one extension. Lately, I’ve been getting these gawdamnit reminder messages to upgrade to the newer version, and it also tells me that my extension will not work with the newer version. That wasn’t the only reason I hate firefox with a passion .. Why does it seem to think it knows what I want cut or paste or hilited? It gets tiresome UNDO’ing [More]
September 22, 2005 egads… launched August 18, 2005 made $76,000 in 30 days. selling 1 pixel for $1 usd but, you have to buy it in $100 lots. That was an email that I sent my wife .. amazed that Brit ALEX TEW came up with an ingenious way to make money online .. and when I first heard about this. If you haven’t heard the story, you can either visit Alex’s website and blog or, even read up about in in wikipedia over HERE. By January 11, 2006 the final tally was $1,037,100 USD .. in 146 days [More]
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia describes social bookmarking as: an activity performed over a computer network that allows users to save and categorize (see folksonomy) a personal collection of bookmarks and share them. The use of social bookmarking is growing in popularity. This new part of the web started around late 2003, when was launched. It quickly gained popularity, and as many similar services appeared online, tagging became widespread in some other online services. Yahoo agressively persued the trend, launching My Web 2.0 in mid 2005, and aquiring on December 9 of the same year. Thanks in part to [More]
Well, not on this blog .. sorry .. utoh .. are you experiencing problems with this blog too?? I hope not .. I have moved 5 blogs now from my provider host #2 to my provider host #3. I think I can safely document the details of how I accomplished this. I did not take any screen capture pictures, and there is no audio or video accompaniment to this blog entry. Blogs that were moved were as follows: I moved from a regular account at to a reseller account at … WARNING: These [More]
Remember “Records” .. and “Record Players” ? Music is my life. I enjoy music. I play music. I listen to music. I collect music. I need music! Life changed for me, slightly, when I got married. I am the type of person that can fall asleep to music, and enjoyed falling asleep to music. My wife, on the other hand, can NOT fall asleep to music, but can fall asleep to the television. Me, on the third hand, have always been a couch potato, so I can’t fall asleep watching T.V. because, no matter how bad the show is – [More]
Well, I was low on business cards anyway… and today I got sick of crossing out my OLD cell phone number and writing my new Cell phone number on the back – So I printed up new business cards. I print all of my own business cards, using a template I designed on MS Publisher, and printing them on “Avery #38873 Clean Edge Linen Textured Business Cards”, off of my HP Deskjet 990cxi professional series Ink Jet printer. While I was at it .. (for fun) .. I created a New! Business card for HART-Empire Network .. I only [More]